Expansion on Pochettino pre-game thoughts

Mauricio Pochettino has been speaking ahead of tonight's game against Seattle Sounders which can be seen live on TV.

Quiet transfer window

Many fans are making noises that rivals have signed players and we haven't as if that is the only criteria that matters. They seem to have forgotten we bought seven players last summer and promptly created an atmosphere where they couldn't produce their best.

You either give up, sell them and start again, then maybe do the same thing the following summer and don't provide the stability that they call for in the same sentence or you say, we bought quality and it's our responsibility to create an environment where they can excel.

Players can only be bought to strengthen key positions when all the elements come together at the right time. Each club values a player and you don't simply pay a price a selling club demands. A player may want to wait for a bigger club with a higher level of football and a greater opportunity to win trophies. He may want a bigger wage than the buying club wishes to offer. There are many reasons why purchases are not made.

Tottenham are the only Premier League club not to have bought this transfer window so far, but Erik Lamela was injured for virtually the whole of last season so with a pre-season will be like a new signing, Kaboul is only now fully recovering from injury problems.

"Not many. We have a very good and big squad. Last summer the club made a big effort during the window and I believe in these players. We are always looking to improve but we don't expect big change."

We have bids placed, bids agreed, have had discussions with players, even have provisional agreements in place but until a player actually says yes, I'll sign you wait. We are waiting to see what pans out, the players are doing the same, our back-up options know they are our back-up options.

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Where we are at the end of transfer window is important if we are taking a long-term view. Of course it's ideal to have players in now but naturally some clubs don't want to sell, some players we want are injured.

The transfer window is a game of poker so I'll be waiting to see all the hands played before assessing whether it's been a productive one. It will take more than one transfer window to reshape the squad how Mauricio Pochettino would like it shaped. The squad at the end of this window won't be the finished squad he wants, it'll be a work i progress squad that attempts to achieve the clubs goals.

"It's a different club to Southampton. Tottenham is a bigger club and we need to win, but not only win, we need to create a good philosophy. Our philosophy is exciting football, pressing attacking football.

"This is our target for the moment. During the season the targets will come."

Today is the first step and our chance to see in a game how the players have taken to a new system. The squad have to raise their fitness levels and are at the beginning of a pre-season so will be more fatigued than they will be ater in pre-season.

That could mean that later in the game concentration will play a role and mistakes will occur as players get tired while having to think about a new system and what they have to do. It will take them time, the question is, how much time. The result won't be the important thing right now.

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