Club vs Player

Ben Davies appears to be from the outside a nice level headed lad, some are like that and some are little short of thugs with boots on.

Club vs Player

He is not a player you can imagine him dragging the clubs name through the dirt. That came across again when he talked about his move to the South Wales Evening Post.

"Everyone at Spurs has been great with me and it's been pretty easy to settle in. I have been away for all of it really, so I haven't really had a chance to reflect on the move yet. 
"When the interest first came in, it was flattering for me. I thought that if it was serious, it would be something I had to consider and in the end it was a move I felt I had to make because you don't know when a chance like this will come round again."

That's one the points I was making in the Morgan Schneiferlin article about a fans letter to his club. Bale kicked up a fuss to leave Spurs because he could have got injured an never have the chance for his dream move again.

Schneiderlin has to be playing in Europe to be considered for regular selection by France with the Euro Championship coming up in his country in 2 years time. He therefore has to move also to play at the highest level.

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Swansea appreciate Davies position and ask for slightly more than they value him at and after plenty of back and forth a deal is arranged. Southampton however have put crazy prices, by their own admission, on players and some clubs with more money than sense have paid over the top for them. That is their right and the £100 million they'll get will enable a rebuild with cash to spare.

"As a player you want to try to play at the highest level you can, and at Spurs the manager wants us to get into the Champions League. 
"It's not going to be easy, but that's the target and that's something that would be great to achieve."

This is exactly where club and player collide. A player wants to play at the highest level and a clubs thinks it can but doesn't. How long should a player give it before they seek a higher standard elsewhere?

You only have to look at how long each player has been at Spurs to see the club has had no stability at all, not with the managers or the players. Everton have done well because they have kept a relatively settled team year in year out. The only options for their players is move to a club above them if any of those clubs wanted them or move abroad to a top club.

Any move within the Premier League not in the top 7 would be a step down for them and as Davies points out that is not a players desire. It explains why it is so difficult to sell Michael Dawson. Price explains why it is difficult to move Chiriches to Italy and why nobody would buy Soldado.

Spurs always seem to have players who can't be moved on, thanks to us acquiring them on better wages than they were on before. It means we have a squad of quality players, now we just have to get the quality players playing like quality players together.

It's nice to hear the managers aim is Champions League and not stability or a rebuilding year or any other excuse. Celtic this Saturday, Schalke next Saturday, West Ham the following Saturday, the opening Premier League game.

The beginning is not far away.

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