Ceballos shows why patience is needed

Cristian Ceballos caught the eye against Seattle and fans started raving, against Toronto he was keen to shoot at every opportunity as well, all augers well for the future and some fans start to call for his inclusion and the inclusion of other youngsters, just because they are young really.

Ceballos shows why patience is needed

But there is far more at stake to the club when developing youth than simply playing them because youngsters will make mistakes, fans have to accept that and in theory they will, but not if it costs goals and points.

Points are the be all and end all of Premier League football and when you are chasing a Champions League place then any mistake that costs points while you 'give a player a chance' are points you can not afford to drop.

Do you therefore buy finished articles and always play your best or do you keep adding in a youngster, do you keep giving them cameos or do you simply loan them out to another Premier League club and get back a more complete footballer?

We all love a player who has come from the Development squad, however long he has been there and certain players take to the Premier League right away, like Nabil Bentaleb.

Cristian Ceballos is coming through, he's only 21 and it's good for us fans to see him in action on the pre-season tour of USA and Canada. We saw the good against Seattle, the not so good against Toronto.

The error that left Toronto running straight at the heart of our defence with no cover is the sort of mistake the club can't afford in the Premier League. Because of our shape the centre-backs are wide apart, the full-backs are advanced, it's Walker who passes to Ceballos with Dawson covering the right-back area to give another option for a safe pass.

Dawson wasn't out of position, he was where he should have been, though why it took him so long to get back to cover the middle I don't know. But the point is not who did what but one of how much do you use youngsters. Hopefully Cebalos will learn a lot from tat one simple mistake and appreciate the consequences, players have to make mistakes to learn from them, especially youngsters.

It's a dilemma Mauricio Pochettino has to ponder is who is ready, who can I rely on, who can I trust? Tim Sherwood knew and trusted Nabil Bentaleb and he ended up being the best Tottenham player at the World Cup.

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Looking good is all well and good but the bottom line is output. Is Faique going to deliver for instance or is he going to look good but create nothing, something Chadli was doing a lot when he first started playing for us.

I thought Mason looked better than Carroll, but then Mason was playing in a better team so that may have helped, Fryers looks as though he has a way to go yet but then we haven't nailed him down to a specialist position to improve him yet, it looks as though we have decided he is now a centre-back though, after playing him at left-back last season. But then maybe that is because Chiriches is injured still, getting to Lamela proportions this back injury.

It will be an interesting season to see how he solves the play or not to play problem.

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