Bentley, Barkley, Stirling, Neymar Rodríguez

David Bentley has spoken out about the state of English football and that it is too disciplined.

David Bentley

Much better to spend your time in a bar in Spain, more interested in collecting your wages than improving as a footballer and ruining your own career at 29. That sort of discipline?

This is the guy who fell out with every manager he played for because of his attitude, professed to have 'fallen out of love' with the game yet still burst into tears announcing his retirement because nobody wanted to sign him.

"It’s why England fail. That’s why we’ll never produce players. It’s about the mindset of the English game. 
"You look at Ross Barkley or Raheem Sterling; do you think Neymar or James Rodríguez are much better? Are they genetically built better? Or is it just in their mind? 
"When Neymar or Rodriguez go out on the field they’re relaxed. They love to play, with their heart. Young English players are mentally polluted so they can’t express themselves. 
"England will always struggle at major tournaments until somebody comes in to change the whole system. I played at every England youth level going and it was exactly the same."

Yes I do think Neymar and Rodríguez are better, they have a better technique for a start, better vision, a better end product. Rodríguez for instance has the discipline to work for his team rather than just himself.

Players in Northern Europe play as 11 individuals, the emphasis is on individual skill making a difference. In other parts of the world players are brought up with the emphasis of teamwork and working for one another, that takes discipline, they don't just go out and do their own thing.

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Raheem Sterling is promise at the moment that's all, another in a long line of promising wingers. He not a world beater or a superstar, just an over hyped player with potential.

Wayne Rooney stunted his development by becoming a jack of all trades at Manchester United while Ronaldo refused to and simply developed his game into one of the best in the world. Barkley and Sterling can develop how they like, but it will be down to them, not a disciplined system holding them back.

Play and you will improve, join Man City to sit on a bench and you waste your talent the way Rooney has. He could and should have been an England superstar but flops in an England shirt time after time after time. That was down to moving to Manchester United and having to play second fiddle to Ronaldo.

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