Ambassadors Ben Davies, King, Friedel, er Dawson?

Figuring out the strategy of Tottenham Hotspur is not always the easiest of pastimes and we have made new signings in Ben Davies and Michel Vorm.

We seem to be leaning towards ambassadors now, we have Tottenham legend Ledley King who gets to jet all round the world shaking hands, sampling local cuisine , taking coaching sessions, giving autographs and countless other things. It's enjoyable work when you get into it.

Then we have Brad Friedel, at 43 he is coming to the end. Against Toronto he showed that it takes him longer to dive now and that split second is crucial, it's finally time to hands the reigns over to someone else, that now being Michel Vorm. So what next for the coach who has finished his A badge, it's ambassadorial time.

Before he wanders off into coaching or management he is the clubs US ambassador for the next year, we are beginning to sound like the government here. He can do the Ledley bit in a rapidly growing marketplace and promote Tottenham Hotspur. He has been all over the place since last season doing interviews, appearing on TV, Brazil, Ireland, the USA. Football is almost getting in the way.

Is that it? No, we have only gone and signed another ambassador, this time a Kick It Out ‘Next 20’ ambassador.

The ‘Next 20′ initiative was which launched in October 2013 and entails 20 young football stars from across the Premier League, Football League and Women’s Super League (WSL) spread key messages of equality and inclusion.

Ben Davies gave a quick sound bite when he joined.

“I think it’s a vitally important component in our society at the moment to get Kick It Out’s message across to young people.”

There you have it if you want to sign for Spurs you have to have an ambassadorial role of some sort, or we'll find one for you.

Michael Dawson is of course our Club 18-30 rep looking after all the whipper snappers at The Lane, who is going to be Daddy when he has left?

Despite popular opinion I can confirm that Chirpy and Michael Dawson are not one and the same but the side do look to be getting a bit young.

We have been linked with Ron Vlaar of Aston Villa, perhaps he could become our Dutch ambassador, we have quite a few nationalities, perhaps we are trying to get one of each as marketing tools, forget the football, marketing where its at.

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