A lesson in ruthlessness

I sat watching a game that was a humiliation after 30 minutes. Brazil were so bad it's untrue. Brazil 1 Germany 7.

A lesson in ruthlessness

Those of us who have never rated David Luiz and say he isn't worth half the stupid £50 million PSG have paid for him where treated to an example that fully justified that belief.

Brazil were simply a team of individuals without the two individuals that have carried them through the tournament.

Germany on the other hand were a team, an organised team pressing high so Brazil simply had to resort to one David Luiz punt up field after another. Not much chance of being successful when you a centre-forward for whom movement is an alien concept.

Fred has been woeful and his own fans were booing him every time he touched the ball. Taken off to spare him that he got booed every time he was shown on the screen sitting down.

Tottenham were bad in some games last season but nothing quite like this, even Liverpool away was better than this. The second half was meaningless, an non event.

And yet the Germans showed a ruthlessness that I wrote about on Facebook two years ago. Spurs were winning games I maintained it wasn't good enough. It wasn't ruthless. When Spurs were two up they should have been scoring four or five, yet we were wasteful in front of goal. Many fans of course set their standards low and didn't think ruthlessness matters.

Then when the time comes when we need a goal to kill a team off we don't know how to be ruthless and can't do it regularly. Those very same fans then whinge about out finishing. Germany showed how it should be done and I hope our fans were watching, I hope the players were watching and learnt from that.

If you create the chance to score another goal whatever the state of the game, however little time their is on the clock, you ruthlessly take it. That's what winners do. That is what separates teams and I want Spurs to be the best they can possibly be.

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I have written several articles that highlight areas that simply have to be improved upon, both on and off the field. At the moment mediocrity is often considered acceptable. Last night we were given a demonstration that it is not, last night we were given an example of how ruthless Tottenham need to be.

We were given a benchmark that our team, our strikers must take on board and learn from. Next season I want to see the ruthlessness of winners, not excuses for failure. Give it 100% and work for the team.

Greed has no place in a team, you work for the good of the team, you work as a team, not a bunch of individuals in a system, which is the Northern Europe way in general. We now have a manager who believes in the team and I can not wait for the season to start so we can see that in action.

We may recall I suggested we go after Joachim Löw as manager, good job we didn't we'd have no chance of signing him.

A lesson in ruthlessness

If the left-back we are being linked with from Eintracht Frankfurt, 25 year-old Bastian Oczipka has some of that German ruthlessness, then snap him up.

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