£18m triple purchase from Swansea?

Is Daniel Levy working on a complex deal with Swansea City involving player exchanges and a job lot purchase?

£18m triple purchase from Swansea?

New that Swansea City have signed 19-year-old Falkirk left-back Stephen Kingsley on a three-year deal strongly suggests Ben Davies is leaving. It sparks memories of Tottenham wanting to conclude their transfer business with the Gareth Bale money before letting him go to Real Madrid.

Tottenham want 21 year-old Ben Davies, 25 year-old Wilfred Bony is one of the four striker options and in a years time will need a goalkeeping replacement for Brad Friedel, if not before.

£18m triple purchase from Swansea?

Signing a number two and pushing Friedel to number three may not be great for Jordan Archer's development but as a number three he would be unlikely to play anyway this year. This will surely be the Americans last year playing so Archer would return to challenge Vorm for the number two slot the following year. He could have a year out on loan getting football every week.

Gylfi Sigurdsson had a successful spell at Swansea on loan and they would love to sign the 24 year-old permanently. Including the Icelander into any negotiations makes them even more complex.

Tottenham value Sigurdsson at £10 million (€12.5m), a bid of £8 million (€10m) has been reported as being accepted for Ben Davies but is it a case of Swansea valuing all three and then the two clubs negotiating a discounted group buy.

£18m triple purchase from Swansea?

Striker Wilfred Bony is valued around £20 million (€25m) and 30 year-old goalkeeper Michel Vorm £5 million (€6.25m) so let's have a look at the maths.

If Ben Davies were £8 million (€10m), Wilfred Bony £20 million (€25m) and Michel Vorm £5 million (€6.25m) that would make a deal of £33 million (€41.25m).

Daniel Levy would want Bony for more like £15 million (€18.75m) and Vorm for £3 million (€3.75m) so he'd be after a figure around £26 million (€32.5m) for the triple purchase.

With Gylfi Sigurdsson going the other way Swansea would want his price dropped to perhaps £8 million (€10m) from the £10 million (€12.5m) Tottenham value him at.

Total cost £26 million (€32.5m) minus £8 million (€10m) results in an £18 million (€22.5m) deal for three players.

£18m triple purchase from Swansea?

If Daniel Levy is working on such a deal with his Swansea counterpart Huw Jenkins, then not only are there transfer fees but that's four players and players agents to negotiate with.

Deals in principle will have to be agreed, terms arranged that just require a signature and acceptance by all parties what actually triggers the deal. The Gareth Bale sale was triggered by Tottenham completing their summer business, are Swansea going to be doing the same thing.

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Are they looking for replacements without word of a deal getting out so their targets don't suddenly have a price premium attached to them. The transfer market should be interesting to watch in tat respect.

Swansea have signed a replacement for Bony, French striker Bafétimbi Gomis from Lyon and it's now reported Tottenham have opened negotiations for Bony.

Loïc Rémy may well now miss out on both Arsenal and Spurs and have to scratch around for someone else now, clearly not his preferred option.

I am beginning to suspect rather than a signing announcement, we'll hear a double or triple signing announcement with a combined fee.

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