World Cup Goal-Line Technology

The 2014 World Cup is the first to use goal line technology after the shambles in South Africa four years ago.

World Cup Goal-Line Technolog

On that day England were taking on Germany and had gone 2-0 behind very early on. England pulled one back and then a Frank Lampard shot hit the bar and bounced a metre over the line only for the referee and linesman to inexplicable not award a goal. That would have toed the game at 2-2 and what the outcome would have been then nobody will ever know.

The system being used in the 2014 Brazil World Cup is from a German-based startup company GoalControl GmbH. High in the stands the company placed 14 cameras in every one of the 12 stadiums being used in Brazil for the tournament. The cameras take 500 pictures a second and triangulate the trajectory of the ball to give precise readers as to it's position.

There are goal line sensors which then allow the system to determine whether the ball has completely crossed the line or not. If it has a signal is sent to a smartwatch the referee wears which vibrates and a visual 'GOAL' message.

World Cup Goal-Line Technolog

It's the same technology the Premier League use but from a different company and like the Premier league the 3D images it's can instantly create are available to the TV companies and for use in the screens within each stadium to show the fans what happened.

GoalControl was called into action for the France against Honduras game when French forward Karim Benzema volleyed a ball against the inside of a post which bounced back across the goal only for the Honduras goalkeeper, Noel Valladares, to fumble the ball over the line.

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The referee had awarded a goal and the 3D image then showed the ball not not crossed the line to boos and whistles from the crowd. However a second image of the second incident showed the ball over the line after the keeper had fumbled it and before he dragged it back.

Normal TV replays however were not conclusive indeed they appeared to show that the ball had not completely crossed the line leading to questions whether the 3D image was  the right one.

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