Why should Tottenham prop us local business?

Local businesses in Tottenham High Road are demanding that Tottenham Hotspur prop them up.

Why should Tottenham prop us local business?

They feel that because Tottenahm, not them, are building a new stadium that the extra people who come into the area should be made to walk past their shops to get to the ground. Why should Tottenham have to prop them up in this way?

The club are bringing new people into the area, nobody else so why shouldn't the club ensure their safety by controlling the traffic flow? If as a business you are bringing people into an area then you want them to spend their money with you, you want them in your shop first and the competition after.

The problem is the plan to move White Hart Lane station which as far as Tottenham and the council are concerned is non-negotiable.

The club have so far been prevented from building the new 56,000-seat stadium due to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles. He is taking an inordinate amount of time to make a decision on a compulsory purchase order for Archway Sheet Metal Works, the one business holding things up.

The regeneration of the area is instigated and led by Tottenham, without whom there wouldn't be any regeneration. The stadium has been central to the other money coming to the council for regeneration, without the stadium, that money wouldn't be available.

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The clubs lawyers constantly check with the Government what is happening but nothing seems to be moving forward at all which simply delays building and pushes up costs. Typical Britain really.

Businesses on the west side of Tottenham High Road are now claiming the plan to move the station further up the road will deprive their shops of match-day footfall.

They feel that the new retail premises which are part of the regeneration around the new stadium will take the business as the moved station would be connected to the new station by a walkway.

Patricia Pearcy, vice-chairman of the Tottenham Business Group, complains moving the station had always been a “non-negotiable” part of the redevelopment from the point of view of the club, despite resistance from local business owners.

“Moving the station means that those extra customers funnelled straight through the walkway, so that the council and Spurs maintain control of the extra retail traffic.

"It deprives the businesses who are allowed to remain on the High Road of that extra business."

Well sorry but it's the club who are bringing those extra people into the area, not the retail shops, not the existing businesses, but Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Why shouldn't the club therefore want, and expect, to get maximum value from the hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investment it requires to attract them.

“The station has been in White Hart Lane for decades and the footfall had never been a problem. The crowd dissipated as it walked along the High Street.

“Originally they were going to just remodel the station and keep it where it is now. Local people have been saying, ‘yes, of course, remodel it and make it bigger and better, but leave it where it is’.

“Increased footfall on the High Road is a good thing, but it has to be a good thing for the businesses and the community that is already here.

“We don’t want that community moved out and not to benefit from the regeneration.”

A council spokesperson explained why the council were in favour of moving the station saying the 75% of residents were in favour of it..

“Major improvements to White Hart Lane Station would mean a safer, more accessible entrance for local people and visitors.

“Initial plans were backed by more than three quarters of local residents last summer, and after listening to their feedback we will be consulting on more detailed proposals later this year.

“We’re committed to working closely with local people to bring the better housing, increased job opportunities and improved public transport that they have been clear they want to see.”

It's about time Mr Pickles made his decision so everyone knows where they stand. It takes an eternity to build anything in this country thanks to red tape.

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