Wanyama not good enough

Victor Wanyama has been the subject of nonsense rumours linking him to Tottenham.

Wanyama not good enough

We looked at him when he was playing for Celtic in a one team league and when those rumours were spreading I watched him closely playing in the Champions League.

He looked cumbersome and wanted far too long on the ball. If a side harried him he panicked and gave the ball away. He might be a big unit but his football wasn't up to Premier League standard.

He joined Southampton for £12.5 million in July last summer becoming the most expensive player Celtic have sold. It was a crazy fee when you consider he was playing against very poor players weak in week out, some of the Premier League teams in Scotland source their players from League Two. The fee was double his top value and even with improvement means their is little profit in him should when he wants to move.

 The Kenyan has found the same problem in the Premier League, he is not given the time on the ball he wants. He takes too long to make up his mind what to do.

One of his Southampton teammates gave at interview to French news outlet L'Equipe and said the same things about him that he was struggling to adjust to having less time on the ball. He is only young so has plenty of time to learn and develop though so may well develop into a good player.

Obviously an injury hasn't helped him adjust but with better players in Sandro and Capoue in the squad plus the promise Bentaleb showed last season, Victor Wanyama wouldn't get near the team. Southampton would want too much for him and Daniel Levy won't pay over the odds for that type of player.

I doubt the reports have any truth in them at all, just the usual paper speculation linking a manager with his former players.

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Naturally the 22 year-old Wanyama was asked his views on Pochettino's departure for Tottenham and he confirmed my thoughts that they have no basis.

“I learnt a lot from him, he taught me more and that’s why I have grown as a player and there is a big difference compared to when I was at Celtic. He played a big role in my career development.

“I wanted him to remain because he had the passion for the club and I think the owners should not have let him go because the team can do better next season. It’s a big blow because he had a good connection with the players.”
"I am still in Southampton and have no plans of moving to any club. Furthermore, I have a contract with the Saints that I must see out.

"Those reports are mere rumours with no basis at all.

Jay Rodriguez, Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren I could understand with left-back Luke Shaw almost certainly being off to Man United, indeed we have been asked to be kept informed of the availability.

Pochettino has gone and the Saints players can earn better money elsewhere, it's only natural for their agents to want to cash in while they can.

The Pochettino pressing game made the Southampton players so with a new manager and a new system their stock may not be as high again. Lambert has left, I'd expect the other 4 to follow suit, Saints simply don't have the income to pay the wages other clubs can offer them.

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