Vučinić to Tottenham speculation again

It seems every transfer window we get linked with the same players, probably because we identify a list and continually follow them.

Vučinić to Tottenham speculation again

The press having linked us once are then free to link us every window and call the player a target. As with most transfers the length of contract is of great importance as that can determine the price. Simply put the longer the contract the more expensive, the shorter the cheaper because of the danger of losing the player for free, which is not always good business.

I know many fans hate that word but that's what football is a, a business. Football is merely a product we fans purchase. With any speculation then the first thing you should do is check the contract length.

In the case of Mirko Vučinić, a Juventus bit part player, it's until June 2015 so with only a year remaining that gets a thumbs up.

Secondly the contract can determine whether a loan is possible or not. In this case with 1 year left a loan would be out of the question as Juventus can at least make some money by selling him now instead of a loan and then losing him for free.

Next we need to look at his age. The Montenegrin international is 30 and will be 31 in October. That immediately gets a thumbs down. Beyond 30 a player loses transfer value with each year, they become a poor investment. He is a secondary striker so if he banged in the goals for a couple of seasons he'd pay his way. Is he a prolific scorer or creator therefore?

A look at his statistics for last season sees 2 goals and no assists in 12 games in Serie A, but a deeper look shows that was only 405 minutes playing time. That tells us Vučinić didn't start 12 matches, it equates to only 4.5 games.

A deeper look into this and we see he played 89, 82 and 72 minutes in the first 3 games which adds up to 243 minutes. That means for the remainder of the season he only played 207 minutes.

Were injuries a factor, no, Vučinić only missed 6 league games so we now get the picture that he either doesn't fit the system or he is considered not good enough. That does not mean he is not good enough for Spurs but it does raise question marks.

In all competitions he played 18 games, still with only 2 goals but with an added assist. Game time totalled 687 minutes or 7.63 games. He scored a goal every 344 minutes, less than Soldado for instance (227), Kane (200), Adebayor (154). His performance last season has to go down as a thumbs down.

There is the option to have an experienced 30+ scorer on the bench ready for cameos, cup games and provide cover so is the player happy to sit on a bench at Spurs. That is an unknown but it's possible. Does he have versatility as an added advantage?

A look shows Vučinić can play as a secondary striker, a striker or as a left winger so a small thumbs up.

What would his wages be, you can't have too many big earners sitting on a bench. Research show in 2012 his salary was £2.19 million (€2.7m) which equates to £42,147 (€51,922) a week. Salary wise he gets a thumbs up even allowing for salary increases, although at 30+ you are starting to cap or reduce his wages.

Now as a fan we have a more complete picture of the player his circumstances, wages and potential. A look at the source of the rumour tells us it originates in Italy with Tuttosport who say Tottenham and Everton are interested.

This is another rumour you can make a case for but generally our transfer policy is to buy youth. Any side needs experience but you also need experience within the club, guys that have been there a while and know the place. Club captain Michael Dawson and vice-captain Aaron Lennon are about all we have on that score so bringing in more experience is a possibility.

For me it's doubtful there is anything in it, now if Harry Redknapp were manager he snap him up, old players are his forte.

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