Townsend punditry, shoot man, shoot

Andros Townsend ITV pundit, let's hope he makes a better job of being a pundit then he does of being a winger!

Townsend punditry, shoot man, shoot

I can just imagine it, he could have shot there, why didn't he shoot, he should have cut inside ignored all his better placed teammates and just blasted it.

In all seriousness he is only young and has hardly played compared with his foreign counterparts abroad, it will take him time to learn the right option.

Having the right mentality in sport is essential, Tim Sherwood barring one or two only picked people who wanted to play for the club with a bit of pride, players who were mentally right. Andros Townsend hardly played under him and as Sherwood has known him from his youth days, that spoke volumes.

You could see it every time he came on as a sub, he wasn't mentally ready and took ages to get the pace of the game. The result was he had no impact at all, had he spent his time on the subs bench properly preparing himself mentally gained all the information he could about his opponents and how we were playing that day he could have had a greater impact.

It is good news therefore to hear that he is taking a personal trainer to Brazil this summer. ITV had to seek permission from Tottenham to let Townsend go to the World Cup as a pundit otherwise if anything happened the TV company would have been liable. Part of the agreement Spurs insisted on is that a medic from Spurs had to accompany him.

He will continue the work Townsend started last week at the training ground where he and Kyle Walker are reporting as they recover from the injuries that kept them out of Roy Hodgson's England squad.

Back in January he spoke about his season to date and that you have to wait for a chance but when it comes take it.

"You always believe in your ability, you always think at the end of it you will reach the top but you have to put in the hard yards. At a massive club like Tottenham, opportunities will come, but not straight away. 

"You have to get out there and prove that you deserve to have them coming your way. The only way that's going to happen is if people see you playing. That's what I did.

"Every opportunity I had, I went out on loan. I put my skills to the test in League One, the Championship, and then finally the Premier League. That's what you have to do. You have to go out there and prove it. It makes you."

Harry Kane has been saying the same thing recently, none of this I've never been given a run of games nonsense. If you are picked you produce straight away, it may not happen every time but but one of those infrequent chances you have to take. That's how you show a manager you belong, how you say to him, I can play.

Nabil Bentaleb came on against Southampton at St Mary's and seized his chance with both hands. That's exactly what every player should do or should have done, David Bentley, Giovanni Dos Santos, all of them.

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Supporters who tell you he hasn't been given a chance or he never got a run of games are simply making excuses and making excuses is a losing mentality. It will be interesting to see what improvements Pochettino can make to our youngsters when he starts working with them in July.

He had a meeting with Daniel Levy this week and has seen both Townsend and Walker at the training ground, from there he is going for an end of season break back home to Argentina while Franco Baldini and the transfer committee deal with all transfer activity.

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