Tottenham News Shorts Issue 4

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Tottenham News Shorts Issue 4

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Group C at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has fixtures with Tottenham transfer targets and former targets playing each other. Who is playing who? This Tottenham look at fixtures will tell you who to watch.

Tottenham players woeful at the World Cup rather speaks for itself!

Real Madrid are not going to offer Marcelo a new contract, his current one has a year left to run. Tottenham want Marcelo and are interested in signing him to take over from Danny Rose.

With possibly money too young and the feeling he had made it maybe the FA Should Employ David Bentley to Educate Youth Players to the pitfalls of being a professional football.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts this morning concerning Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Steven Caulker, Jan Vertonghen, John O'Shea, Hugo Lloris and Adam Lallana.

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) in a police and safety forum meeting asked the Metropolitan Police their stance of the use of the word 'Yid' at White Hart lane next season and received the commonsense approach at last.

Using the term 'Yid' at White Hart Lane is no longer an arrestable offence.

Context should always be considered in this over the top PC world. Context is everything in language and simply has to be taken into account rather than twisted to mean something completely different. We pay lawyers to do that!

They still left the door ajar though as Constable Steve Payne, Football Intelligence Officer for the Met, said fans could still be arrested for using the word if a complaint was made against them.

Spurs fans signing songs is not an offence, opposition fans using it in the wrong manner is.

Left-back BenoƮt Assou-Ekotto has revealed he doesn't play for France because they blame black players if they lose.

"When the national team get a bad result, they start to say there is a little bit too many black people, Muslim people and this kind of stuff.

"I don't like it. There is no point for me to play for this kind of country."

The laid back 30 year-old was on loan at QPR last season and has one more year on his Tottenham contract remaining. Spurs are trying to bring in a new left-back and if they do will no doubt let the Cameroon international go.

Everton are yet another Premier League team to be linked with interest in Steven Caulker at Cardiff City. The reported £8 million relegation release clause alerting them. Tottenham sit in the driving seat of course with a first refusal option on him as part of his contract plus the in debt Welsh club still owe Spurs part of his transfer fee. If we want him he is ours basically.

Caulker left because he didn't want to sit on the bench but he is a young homegrown centre-back who could be a stalwart at Tottenham, with few stalwarts at the club we need to start identifying more or start to lose a bit of identity and become a club for cash mercenaries.

Jan Vertonghen gave Marouane Fellaini a hug because he knew what the goal meant to him after his disastrous season at Manchester United but it could have been because Vertonghen was at fault for Algeria going in front.

"With Belgium, we know how to use him and I don't know whether they do in his other team.

"Marouane always is very important for the Belgian team. I know there has been a lot of pressure on him from the fans in England but in Belgium he always does well and scores goals.

"I'm very pleased for him and I gave him a little hug after the game because I know that goal meant a lot to him.

"But Marouane is a very cool guy. The pressure doesn't really bother him too much."

Suggestions in the press that former Manchester United defender John O'Shea could be a £3 million target for Tottenham. Sounds like complete and utter nonsense as the guy is 33 and in the twilight of his career. One can only assume he would be a back up for right-back and centre-back. That would allow us to sell Chiriches and Kaboul or Dawson while bringing in a quality young centre-back.

The Tottenham chances of keeping hold of Hugo Lloris have increased with news that Real Sociedad goalkeeper Claudio Bravo is to join Barcelona.

Tottenham target Adam Lallana says he is disappointed Mauricio Pochettino left Southampton which doesn't really tally with his desire to leave Southampton. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that nobody will pay £30 million for him so he'll have to stay. Nothing like an interview to keep the fans on your side.

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