Tim Krul not replacing Hugo Lloris

There have been a lot of reports in the press about Tottenham having lined up Tim Krul as a replacement for Hugo Lloris.

Tim Krul not replacing Hugo Lloris

If you read some of the reports, especially from irate Newcastle fans, Tim Krul is almost on his way to Tottenham with Hugo Lloris going to PSG so let's bring a little sanity to the situation.

Hugo Lloris is very happy at Spurs, he believes the squad can achieve things and that it is far better than it showed last season. Under Andre Villas-Boas and Tim Sherwood it was not a happy camp and results reflected that, they were basically the same under both managers.

The players admired the work Mauricio Pochettino was doing at Southampton and the club were well aware the players were casting eyes at him. That was taken into account when he was eventually chosen as a candidate and then appointed Head Coach.

Far from having to win a new squad over, a great deal of the squad are keen to work with him and looking forward to it. All indications are that it is going to be a happy camp next season and with the basics of his system already in place we could still surprise a few come August.

Unless PSG come up with an offer Lloris can't refuse, in the way Toronto did for Jermain Defoe, then he'll consider it but otherwise he is going nowhere. The Tottenham squad is young and full of quality, footballers know when something is close and Hugo sees that Spurs are close to achieving their goals, he'd like to be a part of that and is expecting to be between our posts next season.

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Tim Krul wants European football but with Lloris between the sticks won't want to join us as a number 2, he'd never win his Holland place back so our reported interest has former Newcastle United goalkeeper Pavel Srníček in a bit of a panic it seems.

A move to a so-called bigger club does not always turn out for the best.

“Tim is still young, and I think if he stays at Newcastle for another year or two and just gets more experience, he will have a good chance (of going to a top club).

“He was fantastic when Newcastle finished fifth, but he has had some injuries since then.

“It’s difficult, because you have to repeat the successful seasons you have and it is even harder to do it again.

“Tim can read the game, he is very good on the line and has a good presence.

“He talks to people, which is very important, and commands the area.

“You have also got to be good with your feet these days, and everything you have to have as a goalkeeper in modern football, he has got it.

“I think he is a fantastic goalkeeper for Newcastle, but the way the business goes, maybe one day someone will come in with money and he will go, leaving the club needing to find someone else.”

Tim Krul is merely an option if a big offer came in for Lloris that was too good to turn down then he'd be top of our list but otherwise Krul won't be coming to White Hart Lane.

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