They were always leaving Tottenham with Sherwood

It has now been confirmed that Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey have left their coaching roles at Tottenham.

They were always leaving with Sherwood

It has been a wait but Tim Sherwood's assistants were always leaving Tottenham as reported at the time. It has been a wait while the new boss is appointed, his coaching staff installed and their severance packages negotiated.

It would be natural for Daniel Levy to sit down with Mauricio Pochettino and look at the club coaching structure, what the Argentinian offered and whether Ferdinand and Ramsey could fit into that structure.

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Ferdinand's coaching of our forwards has not been impressive in my view, indeed I wrote an article saying he had to go. He is, to me, stuck in an old way of thinking. I always come back to why he doesn't coach strikers to attack the six yard box, Defoe rarely did it.

I'm sure the pair will turn up wherever Tim Sherwood ends up. I know little about Chris Ramsey but I thank them both for their work at the club and wish them both well in the future..

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