The Hugo Lloris World Cup Report

French captain and Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has been counselling 21-year-old Paul Pogba to try an ensure he doesn't react to provocation again.

The Hugo Lloris World Cup Report

Former Tottenham midfielder Wilson Palacios was giving him a torrid time and Pogba kicked out at him.

“We all had a word for Paul to half-time. He is still young ... the message before the game was not to succumb to provocation.

“The referee has shown intelligence. These games are decided on the details and they turned in our favour this time.”

The Juventus striker could easily have been sent off but escaped with a booking as France beat Honduras 3-0 in the opening game for both sides. Palacios then got himself sent off less than 20 minutes later as he charged into Pogba's back to give away a penalty after just 43 minutes.

Hugo Lloris had very little to do against the 10 men and enjoyed a comfortable evening watching the football, much the same as we were.

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Also in the French training camp at the World Cup in Brazil someone sent a drone in to spy on their training Lloris claims.

“It’s a good invention. It was very small and it flew well. It’s a good object for journalists! We heard it and then we saw it. We didn’t see anyone controlling [it]. Maybe they were behind the stand. It didn’t stay over us for a long time. There was nothing we could do to stop it – maybe kick the ball at it. But it’s a big challenge to hit it.”

“Players can do nothing about that. We can’t have control of the drone. Maybe the guy is from the hotel just behind the stand and you can’t see him. Maybe with a good job [from] security we can find him.”

Clearly the French were not best pleased and tried to knock it out of the sky by kicking balls at it.

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