Suárez, O'Hara, Caulker, Cambiasso, Lovren & Bentaleb

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Dejan Lovren to Tottenham

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The West Ham Wall Fiasco revealed a worry and explains why Paulinho's performances at the World Cup have been very poor.

Have Tottenham stunted the development of Gylfi Sigurdsson in the way Manchester United did with Wayne Rooney? This article suggests we have.

Javier Hernández is a back up option if the chase for Romelu Lukaku fails despite the Belgian's flop so far at the World Cup.

Players taking too long to make up their mind what to do with the ball should be easy to solve after research using Sky Sports' PlayerCam revealed the rather obvious reason.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 7 recent news which concerns Luis Suárez, Jamie O'Hara, Steven Caulker, Esteban Cambiasso, Dejan Lovren and Nabil Bentaleb.

Barcelona will insist on an anti-bite clause in any Luis Suárez contract, they are still looking to sign him and he wants to leave Liverpool according to his father, feeling he has done all he can there.

Wolves outcasts Roger Johnson and ex Tottenham midfielder Jamie O'Hara were today told there is no way back after being banished from first-team pre-season training again.

Queens Park Rangers boss Harry Redknapp is ready wants to sign Cardiff City captain Steven Caulker.

Reported Tottenham target, 33 year-old defensive midfielder Esteban Cambiasso, has revealed he is considering offers from several top European clubs.

“My career for the time being is still in Europ. I have several proposals from big clubs but as a sign of respect for them I will not reveal the negotiations that my father and my brother are undertaking.”

Tottenham target Dejan Lovren wants to join Mauricio Pochettino and not sign for Liverpool after he handed in a transfer request immediately after we were refused permission to talk to him.

Nabil Bentaleb has quickly become a key figure in the Algerian midfield after a string of quality performances.

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