Sherwood - Bentaleb is right for Pochettino's system

Nabil Bentaleb consulted Tim Sherwood as part of his choice of which country to play for, England, France or Algeria.

Sherwood - Bentaleb is right for Pochettino's system

He chose Algeria because he felt Algerian, his parents are Algerian. That's exactly as it should be. It's quite crazy that one Boateng brother plays for Ghana and the other plays for Germany, even though he claims to feel African.

These is far too much of this convenience nationality in Sport, the rules need to be clamped down on, the fact you marry someone from a different country is irrelevant, that doesn't change your nationality, nothing does.

Where you are born is irrelevant, your parents nationality is the only criteria that should be used. At the South African World Cup Germany had 3 Germans, the rest were foreigners playing for Germany. The France side has always it seems been full of Africans, not Frenchmen.

Bentaleb made the right decision playing for his country and not becoming a mercenary simply to give himself more chance of winning something. I'm glad one of Tim Sherwood's success stories is not playing for England and I look forward to watching him again in the next round. The Belgian game held no interest, it was Algeria to watch for me.

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After the French released him, Birmingham turned him down, it was Tim Sherwood who said I want to see him over a longer period than a trial. Right from the start Sherwood reveals that he had the winning mentality so lacking at Tottenham and that he'll be right for Mauricio Pochettino's system.

"He had hunger and desire in training. His work ethic was fantastic. From the development sides right into the first team he showed everyone the way. He was a skinny kid when he came to us but he backs himself all the time in tackles with bigger players. He really cares. When we went out the Europa League to Benfica, he was in tears in the dressing room afterwards.

"Nabil is not afraid of anyone. He is perfect for the way that Algeria play, with a pressing game. I tended to use him in a more defensive role, mainly because I knew I could trust him to do what I asked. But in his development at Spurs he has been a box-to-box midfielder and he has always scored goals in the junior age groups.

"He still needs to develop and is not the finished article yet but in the future he could be that kind of goalscoring midfielder.

"If Mauricio Pochettino is looking for that sort of player, then Nabil is perfect. He has to play regularly, though, if his development is to continue."

There shouldn't be too many Spurs fans who disagree with that assessment. The World Cup will help his development of course but he is a talent in the making we mustn't ruin.

There is nothing in what Sherwood says that surprises me about Nabil, anyone who watched him in that Benfica would know he was a fighter, a leader. He took charge that day, yelling at teammates like Townsend, barking orders and holding the midfield together in front of two centre-half novices.

That day he showed the qualities of a future Spurs captain, I hope he becomes the stalwart he has the potential to become and the Sherwood haters appreciate the good work he did at the club, instead of only looking at the supposed bad.

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