Sandro - A divided team won't win

Sandro spoke in The Sun on Saturday about England having to come together like a band of brothers. He feels they can win, they have quality but must come together as a group of players.

Sandro - A divided team won't win

That smacks of Tottenham last season where the club didn't seem to be together. Some players were trying, some weren't.

He goes on to say that Brazil have won 5 World Cups despite intense pressure because they play as a team. He says they are never a group of individuals and England must strive to achieve that.

It is something Spurs must strive to achieve as well. If the players are not fully behind the manager then they will not produce the performances on the field not matter how hard they try, unless of course they completely ignore the manager and run the side themselves.

He confirms that unless you have everyone fighting for the cause, it does not matter you will not win. They need to come together as a family. If you aren't a family and extend that over a season then what chance does a club have of achieving anything. Spurs have a new beginning now and the new boss won't meet some of his workforce for a while yet. When he does it's important they buy into how he works and what he is trying to achieve.

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Players give a club a few years and if they don't achieve their goals with them they look elsewhere to achieve them. Players want to play Champions League. Spurs are knocking on the door season after season. Players won't continue just to knock on the door, if the club isn't improving enough to achieve that regularly then they will simply seek a transfer to somewhere that can.

In that respect Daniel Levy is under pressure, under pressure to find a manager that has that something extra that can make the difference. The squad now is a young one that needs help, guidance. It's important not to sell all the experienced guys and about the only experienced Spurs players we have are the captain and vice-captain, Michael Dawson and Aaron Lennon.

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