Redknapp - Some players don't want to play for England

Harry Redknapp has revealed that some players don't want to play for England, at least not in friendlies.

Redkapp - Some players don't want to play for England

Speaking after England's defeat to Uruguay he revealed what happened at Tottenham with players asking for excuses not to have to go for England games.

Amazing how they all seem to want to play in a World Cup or a European Championship though isn't it. The revelation doesn't surprise me as friendlies have become a pointless exercise so the instigation of the Nations League in 2018 should see this attitude consigned to a thing of the past.

"I can tell you that, when I was at Tottenham, when full internationals came around there were two or three players who did not want to play for England.

"They would come to me 10 days before the game and say: 'Gaffer, get me out of that game, I don't want to play in that game' - that was how it was.

"That is the truth, so it makes you wonder ... and I think it's only going to get worse. You see the stick the England players get. They're earning fantastic money at their clubs, they're all playing in the Champions League. They wonder: 'Do I need the aggro?'"

Clubs certainly have too much sway these days, Ryan Giggs never played a friendly for Wales, Gareth Bale didn't play in the World Cup warm up against Holland citing injury even though he had just spent a week in Jakarta earning £2.5 million on a personal promotional tour.

Real Madrid don't wanted Cristiano Ronaldo to return from the World Cup early if his injury prevented him playing the USA in the second group game. Arsene Wenger always moans about internationals as did Sir Alex Ferguson.

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If Tottenham players are suggesting to their club boss they don't want to play for their country, presumably only in friendlies, then it will be happening at other clubs too. For a national manager to have to negotiate with premier League managers over how long he can play their players for is ridiculous.

It always amazes me how we have two years to prepare for a tournament yet when we get there we either have a new team or as in this case a new style of play. Couldn't we just settle on something and stick to it.

The football experts all seem to think England are better than they are. Redknapp feels England are better than any team in the group yet personally I gave us little chance of progressing thanks to the weakest defence I can remember.

Baines is an attacker not a defender, Johnson is constantly up field out of position and doesn't have the speed to get back, when he tries to that is, Jagielka and Cahill are not international standard. Smalling shouldn't be in the squad and along with Phil Jones has been ruined by Manchester United playing them both out of position.

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"For Costa Rica to top the group by beating Italy and Uruguay ... that tells you all you need to know.

"For me, it's the worst Italy team for years. Uruguay have two world-class strikers but then not too many players you'd fancy in the Premier League, let alone playing for your country.

"We've got better players than them but for some reason, with good manager after good manager, we just don't get results."

I think what Harry is trying to say is that he thinks he should be manager and not Roy Hodgson!

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