Pochettino - Love me guys

Only one team in Europe from the top five leagues won more possession in the middle third of the pitch than Mauricio Pochettino's Southampton.

Pochettino - Love me guys

More and more teams are trying to play football from the back, Liverpool just the latest, and with some success. Tottenham had an abysmal record against the top teams last season only taking one point, a draw at White Hart Lane with Chelsea.

Given all the top teams perform roughly the same against the remainder of the league, the games against contenders for league position often assume greater significance. Last season we had three must win games in a row and lost the lot, two with performances so abject it was hard to watch. The players couldn't be bothered, had no professional pride, except for a few, and simply went through the motions.

Under Pochettino the Southampton players gave everything, they, it would appear, loved him as a manager, so much so that now he has gone they all want to leave.

More important than anything else he brings to Tottenham is this ability to get players on his side, to have players who will give their all for him. He engendered this at Espanyol, first as a player and then as a young manager thrust into the job earlier than expected.

A team that enjoys it's work gives more, it's no different than anyone in their job, if they enjoy it they do a better job. The art of management is to get them to enjoy it.

White Hart Lane has been an unhappy place where. They must have been showing re-runs of Mutiny on the Bounty such were the noises coming out of all the players unhappy and all the players who were going to reconsider their future.

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Two turbulent managers called for a steady hand at the wheel to see out out of these stormy seas into calmer waters before we repair our sails and go in search of the strong winds to overtake our rivals.

To turn our midfield into the high octane pressing midfield that passing sides struggled against then players like Paulinho are vital. He will need a rest after the World Cup but Brazilians seem to have boundless energy, indeed South Americans do.

Spurs fans want players who will give their all for the shirt, Mauricio Pochettino may just be the man to get them all playing for the shirt with the desire and enthusiasm we demand.

Getting the players to love him may be the most important aspect he can bring to Tottenham.

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