Pochettino impressed Friedel at meeting

One of the Tottenham players not at the World Cup has met with new boss Mauricio Pochettino and came away impressed.

Pochettino impressed Friedel at meeting

The key to Pochettino's success and long term future at White Hart Lane is to quickly get the players on his side. It needs to be a deep belief, a total belief that this guy has the answer, the right answer. Then and only then can and will Spurs find success as I explain in the article below.

Belief can win you anything

Greece Euro 2004, Glasgow Rangers UEFA Cup runners-up 2008, Atl├ętico Madrid La Liga & Champions League runners-up 2014 testify to that.

Brad Freidel is delighted to have been appointed Spurs American Ambassador. It's a huge market and shows Spurs are impressed with his attitude and commitment. Clearly they see a long term role for him as you don't give these roles out short term, there is an eye on the future adding this to his contract.

"We did our first event in San Francisco, not a terrible place to have to go, but some people have to go and do it so very very pleased with the role and know it will be hard work.

"The hard work begins, it's a big country as everyone knows and we've got to get the name out there but hopefully we'll get the right team together and we'll be able to get the name out."

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Friedel met with Pochettino before he travelled out to the States for an event and a break, although he set off for Brazil last night for more promotional work. His met his backroom staff and was very impressed with the group.

"I met him [Pochettino] before I went away to the States, he's a very nice guy, very impressive.

"I met the rest of the staff and they seem a very tight-knit unit. I was well impressed with everything I heard.

"I think Tottenham have obviously chosen him because of his Premier League experience and for the attacking football he had Southampton playing.

"A lot of us were saying that over the last 18 months Southampton were one of the hardest teams to play against and that is obviously a lot down to him. I'm very excited to start.

"I believe pre-season starts on the 4th July so I'm looking forward to it."

If all the players are as impressed as Brad, who has been around a few years and heard it all before, then the future will look rosy for Tottenham.

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