Parker didn't refuse Hopeless Hogdson

Scott Parker is the second ex Spurs player who has had to come out and try to clear his name after Harry Redknapp's crazy outburst.

Parker didn't refuse Hopeless Hogdsom

 He has been in the game long enough and worked with the media long enough to know how they would deal with his remarks to create sensationalist journalism.

It's a sorry state of affairs when former Spurs players now have to defend themselves and show how important playing for their country is.

"I probably speak for every boy and everyone out there: playing for your country, replicating the players in the World Cup is something you dream of.

"I remember Italia '90, being 10 and playing outside in the garden, thinking I was Gazza (Paul Gascoigne) and my friends thinking the same.

"I can only speak from a personal level - obviously you get some people in life who'll be different - but I think the majority of players who put on an England shirt are very proud.

"I hear people say that other countries are more passionate and have more desire but whenever I've been involved in the England set-up, the players have been committed.

"It's a boy's dream; I can't contemplate not wanting to play for England. It's something I will always remember, the pinnacle of my career."

What is far more out of order than Harry Redknapp though, is Roy Hodgson picking Ben Foster and playing him at the World Cup when he has previously refused his country.

Handing out caps as a thank you for turning makes a mockery of international football, especially when you pick someone like Chris Smalling, who promptly showed England fans how inept he has been for Manchester United.

For them, when he can get a game it's usually at right-back but the right-sided centre-half is played on the left side by Hodgson. His passing was inept. Phil Jones another centre-half who can't get into the Manchester United team and plays in midfield when he can is shunted out to right-back. Crazy.

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As for taking Ricky Lambert, having a policy of trying to give everyone game time and only giving him 5 minutes you have to ask why was he there?

He was Plan B, so if you are not going to use Plan B why have you got it?

The worst England World Cup ever thanks to the hopeless Hodgson. Wrong squad, wrong preparation, wrong tactics, wrong substitutions, wrong game management planning, wrong appointment.

Still the FA are happy, they are saving £4 million a year with him there so naturally after two hopeless major championship performances naturally they will want to keep him.

His after game interview showed he was clearly watching a different game to the rest of us, perhaps he had a TV with him and was watching Italy Uruguay. Football is about winning, not looking nice in defeat or being so inept you can't score against a team not even trying.

He has had 2 years of qualifying to determine a style and pattern of play. In 2 years he has figured out nothing and taken the country backwards. There were 2 games before the next qualification starts and international managers don't get many games with their players so instead of building you simply hand caps out to the boys.

That is the action of a loser, not a winner.

Well done Roy, some achievement. You were the wrong choice when selected and you remain the wrong choice.

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