Ossie - I will reply - Pochettino Full Interview Transcript

As expected Steffen Freund is to stay with Tottenham and become part of Mauricio Pochettino's first team coaching staff.

Ossie - I will reply

Mauricio has given his first interview to Spurs TV and was asked about his staff, his training and memories of two former Argentinians at the club, Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa.

We have heard that his English is good, that it's not good enough, well it's fine. He gets his message across in a relaxed manner and looked really happy to be at Tottenham. I'm not surprised with the talent he has to work with now, it's an exciting challenge for a man who has a winning mentality and great ambition.

Q - Welcome to Spurs, what are your feelings on taking over as Head Coach?

A - "Thank-you very much, for me it's an absolute honour to be a Head Coach of such a big club. I'm very happy to be here."

Q - Can you tell us a little bit more about the coaching team you have brought with you, Jesús, Miguel and Toni.

A - "Yes and Steffen [Freund] now. For me they are the more important people, not only becuae they are my staff because the staff in the old people around the team squad is very important. It's who is Tini, Miguel and now Steffen, they are very nice people, are great professional and loyal people and this is very important for relate our philosophy to the squad."

Q - What can the players expect when they return for pre-season next month. There have been reports that you'll schedule double training sessions throughout the season. What are you looking for from the players?

A - "Sometimes three, but the players don't have to be afraid. Our style is demanding, sometimes too much, but we use the common sense.

"We demand a lot from them but because our philosophy, our style suffer in the training to be able to show what we can do during a game and this is our philosophy.

"But the players don't have to be afraid because we work with common sense all the time. We can only expect from the player full commitment and a positive attitude."

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Q - Two of your compatriots famously joined Spurs after winning the World Cup in 78, Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa. What can you tell us of your memories of those players, those players as you grew up.

A - "Yes. I have an amazing memory from them. Like [as] a player I always admired them. For me it's an absolute honour to be part, like them, in Tottenham and I promise to Ossie to reply to the message because I am very busy in the last week and it's been impossible to reply but I promise Ossie, I reply the message."

Q - Finally Mauricio do you have a message for our fans?

A - "Yes. We will try to be everything to make you proud of this football club of course."

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