Nothing in Džemaili stories

The summer transfer window has opened, although not in the other four major leagues, and as usual transfer rumour is rife.

Nothing in Džemaili stories

A story that has been doing the rounds for a while, at least in Italy anyway, is Blerim Džemaili interesting Tottenham. Our media pick up on rumours and try to make something of them without actually evaluating the logic behind them. Naturally the same happens the other way around to fuel the industry in each country.

The first thing to remember with this story is that Italian clubs want Erik Lamela cheaply or on loan, neither of which have a hope of happening as neither offer any benefit to Tottenham.

The Italians therefore are keen to connect Spurs to any midfielder, available or otherwise to raise Italian hopes. Unfortunately they take no account of Daniel levy or the Tottenham transfer strategy that is a part of the long term model for the clubs future sustainability.

Players who reach the age of 30 rapidly lose value, their career is usually ending in about four years. Thus players approaching 30 are a bad investment.

Now fans may not like that talk, they may say the football is all that matters but that's fantasy. Football is a business and major expenses generally have to fit the business model. There can always be a case made for the odd exception but not often.

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Spurs transfer policy is one of youth. Buy, improve and increase asset value while improving the football team and results at the same time.

Napoli midfielder (Napoli are one of the sides after Lamela) Blerim Džemaili is 28 years-old, in 2 seasons his value will shrink rapidly so from an investment point of view he is a bad asset to be buying. All the Italian players we are currently being linked with are bad business purchases, 33 year-old Inter midfielder Estaban Cambiasso was the last one.

The Swiss international can't get in the Napoli team and has 1 year left on his contract. The rumours are probably his agent trying to generate interest in his player or the Italian press trying to offer reasons why Tottenham might be willing to let Lamela go. They have been running stories that we might want to loan him or cut our losses, neither of which have any benefits for Tottenham.

While others may get excited I'll maintain the common sense approach. There looks to be nothing in the Tottenham interested in Džemaili stories at all.

To be logged under transfer rumours, not transfer targets.

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