Lukaku, an example of what's wrong with the loan system

Once again Ronelu Lukaku is not going to get his chance at Chelsea. They would like to hoard players until they need them and have other clubs develop them until they are genuine top four players, rather than have to play them and develop them into top four players themselves.

Lukaku, an example of what's wrong with the loan system

Romelu Lukaku and Ryan Bertrand demonstrate the point. Chelsea simply won't play Lukaku until he is completely the finished article and Ryan Bertrand doesn't get a look in, having to go out on loan to Aston Villa to get game time.

Top clubs abuse the system all the time, Manchester City have over 80 players over the age of 21 on their books, yet they can only name 25 in a Premier League squad. Chelsea are not far behind them. Lukaku laments the situation and feels he has no alternative but to leave.

"You know Chelsea: every year they buy a new top striker. I remember me coming into the dressing room last year and seeing Samuel Eto'o and Demba Ba and going: 'Whoah! What's happening here?'"

With Chelsea buying Diego Costa from Spanish champions Atl├ętico Madrid Lukaku would see the same thing again if he returned to the Chelsea dressing room, something he now indicates he has no intention of doing.

"I have to play a good World Cup. That's very interesting for all the players looking for a transfer, and I must be one of them. Chelsea know my point of view."

The 21 year old striker was signed for £20m in 2011 from Anderlecht and Chelsea have simply abused the loan system with him ever since. This almost seems like an attempt to sign a player, send him on loan to increase his value and then sell him with little or no intention of ever playing hi. That can not be right, legally nothing wrong, but a legal abuse of the loan system.

There should be a block on the amount of time you can send a player on loan and you shouldn't be allowed to do it in your own division.

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If you deem a player good enough to play at that level, play him, if not sell him or loan him abroad. Yes that would affect us with the likes of Jake Livermore but it would mean you either use a player or you sell him and talent. especially home grown talent would develop quicker.

It seems to me the system is simply allowing clubs to stockpile players and maximise their income to the detriment of smaller clubs who have to survive off their loan signings. It's hardly a fair system but top clubs are hardly going to vote to change it.

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