Lloris a spectator Honduras 0 France 3 Video highlights

Well I thought I'd bring you some Hugo Lloris highlights but I couldn't find what restaurant he was sitting in while France played Honduras.

The French captain and our number one had nothing to do but watch, shake a few hands and enjoy the weather.

Still Wilson Palacios provided a Tottenham interest, well for 43 minutes he did. He sent the entire time committing fouls, the whole Honduras side did, they were being outplayed and roughing France up seemed the only tactic. It nearly worked.

Paul Pogba tangled with Palacios after 25 minutes. Palacios tackled him from behind kicking into him, then made sure he accidentally trod grazing his leg which brought the reaction from Pogba it was designed to do.

Pogba kicked back but made little contact. Palacios lay there as if fatally wounded by the gentle tap milking it for all it was worth. Pogba could have been sent off for retaliation but both players were booked after a lengthy delay.

Then 18 minutes later Palacios simply charged into the back of Juventus striker Pogba as he went for an aerial ball and the referee gave him his marching orders. The penalty was converted to put the French 1-0 up.

Controversy was not finished as we had goal line technology confusion as well. A cross and a superb side footed volley across goal came back off the inside of the post only for the keeper to fumble it over the line, although it didn't look over to the naked eye.

No goal cam up, the crowd booed the ref for giving a goal only for a replay to then show it had crossed the line later when the keeper fumbled. No camera angle could show that though so it looked highly dubious.

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