Lamela is going nowhere

Erik Lamela seems set to stay at White Hart lane next season to try and kick start his career again and show Tottenham fans why the club paid £30 million to secure his services.

Lamela is going nowhere

Tottenham have sent Lamela to train with his old club in Argentina ahead of pre-season training on 4th July. They also sent a medic with him to River Plate with a specialist training program. That has the added benefit of giving him time with his family and get him in a good state of mind for the season ahead.

If you were going to sell a player or let him out on loan you certainly wouldn't be going to that trouble so the early signs were that Tottenham intended to keep Lamela. That fits entirely with the clubs transfer policy of buy young and improving, with the additional benefit of increasing a players transfer value.

Now the Daily Mirror have added weight to that belief with news that Mauricio Pochettino has blocked a bid from Juventus for the player. Italian sides have been keen to take him back to Italy but they have wanted to do so on loan, which holds no benefit to Tottenham at all.

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Because of his poor season and injury troubles they also think Spurs will cut their losses on the player and let them have him on the cheap. That shows a lack of knowledge of Daniel Levy. There is no chance of Levy taking a hit on Lamela so any sale would have to be for a minimum of £26 million, the amount Spurs pain minus the add-ons.

The Juventus bid never stood a chance, a one year loan with the option to buy for £12 million is a complete joke but it demonstrates that Italian clubs will not be willing to part with £26 million.

Success is never going to be achieved if you simply give up at the first hurdle so it's doubtful Tottenham would entertain any bids this summer, even if they were sensible ones.

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