Lallana to hand in transfer request?

Adam Lallana will have to take the unusual step in modern day money football of handing in a transfer request to Southampton.

Lallana to hand in transfer request?

Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino was loved by the players he turned into stars and without him they want to leave while their stock is high. Southampton simply can't compete with other clubs on wages and whether their fans like it or not wages are important to players. Every club goes through this, Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, Dimitar Bebatov, Michael Carrick are just a few Spurs had to sell.

If a player can triple or quadruple his wages by moving he will, loyalty is a very rare commodity in football but for some reason fans still expect it. I recall Steve Sidwell moving to Chelsea from Reading to triple wages to £50,000 a week, he never had any hope of playing for Chelsea.

A year later he wanted a £2 million settlement before he would move to Aston Villa. He refused to budge, took a 50% pay cut to join them and so ended up substantially increasing his wages for sitting on a bench for a year. It happens to all clubs, it's part of football where contracts are meaningless.

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If fans themselves were offered triple their wages job they would jump ship in an instant, yet they'll complain if a footballer does the same. Fans need to wake up to the fact they don't pay anyone's wages, they don't own the club, they merely buy an entertainment product called football. Favourites come and go, new ones emerge, it's all part of the cycle.

By handing in a transfer request Lallana would stop Southampton putting an inflated price on his head and he would lose the right to his loyalty bonus, plus wages for the remaining time of his contract. If you don't hand in a request, then by law you are being sold against your will, whether that's true or not is irrelevant, and you are thus entitled to the remainder of your wages from your existing contract. In practice the club and the players agent negotiate a settlement.

By handing in a request the shoe is on the other foot. The club are theoretically having to sell against their will so the player forfeits all rights to any settlement payments. That reduces his transfer fee as these settlements are normally included in transfer fees to compensate the selling club.

His aim of course would be to force down the price Southampton want to charge for him to a level that other clubs are willing to pay. Luke Shaw is expected to go to Manchester United for £28 million, Ricky Lambert has gone to Liverpool for £4 million plus add-ons, now Lallana wants away, Lovren and Rodriguez will be next when he recovers from injury.

Neither Spurs not Liverpool are interested in paying £30 million for a player that has merely produced one season of football. One assumes he'll continue in that vein at another club but it's far from certain in a different system with different requirements being placed upon him.

There were rumours that Pochettino had told one of his Saints players, believed to be Lallana, not to sign any contract until he had completed his move to Spurs, clearly indicating that he would like to take him with him.

Lallana flies out with the England World Cup squad on Friday so would prefer his future sorted out before he does in which case a transfer request may be his only option.

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