Is this the most bizarre penalty ever?

There are many styles of taking a penalty, place the ball, belt the ball, stall in the run up, I have even seen a toe poke after a step over to send the keeper the wrong way.

Penalty taking are always looking for an advantage and Ashad Ali Adubarey certainly seems to have found one. In the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup third placed play-off game between Afghanistan and Maldives, the Maldives were awarded a penalty.

Ashad Ali Adubarey took responsibility and stepped up to take the penalty. He then tripped over his own feet , got up, looked at the keeper who was rather bemused by it all and tucked the ball into the net.

I've watched this penalty a couple of times now and it clearly looks deliberate. he must have practised this in training. I can't see Roberto Soldado employing this technique.

The referee allowed the goal presumably because the player had not stopped in his run up!

The score was 0-0 after 90 minutes and 1-1 after extra-time so had gone to a penalty shootout. The shootout went to sudden death, with Adubarey’s amazing penalty levelling the scores at 7-7. The Maldives went on to win 9-8 to secure third spot.

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