Hodgson bottled taking Gerrard off

When it came to the big decisions Roy Hodgson bottled it and as usual with a manager, watched a different game than the rest of us.

Running around doesn't constitute controlling a game. The idea of the game is to score goals and England once again were didn't create much.

Yes the referee cheated, as so many do, by not sending off Godin for a clear second yellow card, but it was a bog game and he didn't want to send a player off. In the last 10 minutes for instance the Uruguayan team were illegally diving in two footed with both feet off the ground and England players had to jump out the way. They are card offences but the fellow Spanish speaking referee did nothing.

Anyway back to our problem, Roy Hodgson bottling it. England came out for the second half 1-0 down thanks to a midfield mistake that was clinically punished. They were simply awful and Danny Welbeck was anonymous. He should have been taken off after 55 mins and replaced with Lallana. Instead he stayed on and did nothing.

Ross Barkley was put on and instead of going central where he plays was put on playing down the right. This was typical England, these are our best players therefore they must be on the field, albeit in the wrong positions. Sorry but you need a team, not a bunch of individuals to play football.

Pre-game I suggested that Steven Gerrard should be replaced for the last 30 minutes by Frank Lampard.

England Expects - The last 20 minutes will be key

Why because in the heat and humidity they have had out there and two games he will be physically drained, concentration will waiver and mistakes will be made. Result, Gerrard mistake and England will claim they were unlucky and be out.

Roy Hodgson bottled it.

The big decisions he couldn't make. If you bring on Ross Barkley then Rooney had to come off or Sturridge off with Rooney playing centre-forward. To play Barkley out of the way on the right was nonsense, he is a central midfielder. Yet again we are trying to put square pegs in round holes.

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And the big error, not seen in hindsight but called before the game, was not taking off captain Steven Gerrard and putting on Lampard's experienced fresh legs.

Ricky Lambert was taken as a different option when Defoe was a better choice and he was given 5 minutes. If that is how you intend to use him why is he there? You either have faith in a guy and give him time or you don't. Clearly Hodgson doesn't have faith in him. Defoe would have been fresh legs running at defenders, who ran the defence?

Nobody, Stirling ran at them wide and when he came off nobody was left to run against tiring players drawing fouls and bookings. A total lack of game nous.

Games are won and lost on big decisions. The key decisions that needed to be made both the referee and Hodgson bottled. If you haven't got the bottle to make them you are not the man, but then again, you never were.

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