Franco Baldini not leaving Tottenham

There seems to be a lot of speculation that Franco Baldini is under pressure and that Tottenham might replace him.

Franco Baldini not leaving Tottenham

Everything I am hearing is quite different. From what I have heard he isn't going anywhere, indeed it would be rather stupid to get rid of him when the summer transfer window is about to open.

We bought seven players and for one reason or another they virtually all flopped, even Christian Eriksen only gave us 3 months of talent. The assumption therefore is that a scapegoat must be found. That seems to be the media way, there must always be a scapegoat.

Having a stable manager that they want to play for will make a huge difference as will having the World Cup out the way and a squad with no injuries come the new season.

Right now this is Baldini time. The 53 year-old Italian is using his extensive contacts to work deals. Tottenham know which players they are prepared to let go and will have make a priority list, in other words an order in which they can go. But replacements will be lined up before anyone is allowed to depart.

It's a bit like buying a house, you agree to sell yours but don't until you find one you want to buy yourself and then the chain has to all fall into place and a domino effect happens.

Take our centre-backs. Vertonghen has said he'll stay, but the other three could all leave. They won't of course but Baldini is actively trying to offload Vlad Chiriches as is his own agent. Failure to shift the Romanian will mean either Younes Kaboul or club captain Michael Dawson going instead.

If Dawson went he is home grown and so another home grown player may have to be bought in his or another position. Frenchman Kaboul would be far more likely to leave so the three in the clubs preferred selling order would be, Vlad Chiriches, Younes Kaboul, Michael Dawson.

If you can get a deal for the player you most want to lose then unless an exceptional deal comes up the other two would remain.

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Baldini will know the areas the club wish to strengthen and a list of targets. He will work through the list, if he can't get the clubs first choice, then he'll move to the second choice and so on until deals that are acceptable to all parties fall into place.

Mauricio Pochettino will deal with coaching and the youth players, player purchases will be down to the club. He'll mention names, he'll say the type of player he wants, he'll get the final nod on any deal but as for finding the players and buying, contract negotiations etc he won't be involved.

In such circumstances Baldini has a lot of work to do. He has his own team of scouts on top of Tottenham scouts, just as our former technical director Damien Comolli did and did at Liverpool.

It was Baldini who drew up the manager shortlist which resulted in Mauricio Pochettino's appointment. If you no longer trust someones judgement why would you let them draw you up a managerial list?

We have one of the managers you have chosen so before we have kicked a ball we'll sack you and bring in someone else. It simply doesn't make an business sense and like it or not Tottenham is a business.

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