Former Spurs youngster Adam Smith questions Redknapp claims

Former Tottenham academy player Adam Smith rubbishes harry Redknapp's claim players refused international duty while he was manager of Spurs.

Former Spurs youngster Adan Smith questions Redknapp claims

The local Daily Echo asked Smith about the allegations made and whether their was any foundation in them. He told the paper he never got that vibe while at Spurs and the players never talked about it.

“I couldn't comment on individuals but I never got the vibe (at Spurs) that people didn't want to play for their country. I definitely never heard anybody talking like that.

“Wherever I have been, whether players had been picked for England or other countries, I never got the impression that people did not want to go and, to be honest, I could not imagine anybody not looking forward to it.
“The satisfaction of getting that call up, knowing you're doing well enough to get in the England team, I just don't understand how anyone would not want that. I can't get my head round it.

“To be picked ahead of everybody else is such a great achievement, it shows you are recognised as one of the best players in your country. Even at under-16s level it is a great feeling and I am still very proud of it.”

Right-back Adam Smith was sold to Bournemouth for £250,000 in January, signing a three-and-a-half year deal. He has 11 England Under 21 caps and had been at Tottenham since 2007.

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