England game plan wrong, not Gerrard, Cahill, Jagielka

The centre-backs were to blame, Steven Gerrard was to blame, no, a lack of Hodgson game planning was to blame.

England game plan wrong, not Gerrard, Cahill, Jagielka

How many times do we have to have old men make a mistake in South and Central American conditions before we take any notice? Peter Shilton couldn't jump off the floor, David Seaman couldn't jump off the floor, now Steven Gerrard couldn't jump off the floor.

Yet again England underestimate how much the conditions take out of a player. Hodgson should have planned his game management better, there is no excuse.

England Expects - The last 20 minutes will be key

Tony Cascarino wrote in the Times that the England central defence were at fault for the goal.

“I don’t want to keep banging on about John Terry, but Chelsea’s captain would never have been caught like that; he would never have been suckered into that static position where you get caught by the man behind the ball and then, suddenly, the ball is in the net."

That is partially true, yes both Cahill and especially Jagielka are not international standard, but also Gerrard still being on the field to make the mistake was an error and that's down to Roy Hodgson. As a qualified coach I can tell you you look for the route cause of an error and change that, then the error won't occur.

You can still coach what would happen in situations etc but you can't heap all the blame on the poor guy who has to mop up someone else's mistake, even if he made the mistake of not reading the game himself.

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp simply put it down to the class of Suarez.

“The defence was solid - we just got done by a superb pass and with a fantastic header. These things happen at the highest level."

Sorry Harry if they were solid why did we concede 2 goals? being solid until it matters is not good enough. Were we solid at those corners Joe Hart was bundling off the line? A corner should never get that far, a man should be cutting those out.

A case of sitting on the fence harry and not telling it like it is.

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Steven Gerrard is expected to retire from international football after the tournament and Stan Collymore told talkSPORT he feels he should. Personally I don't believe anyone should retire fro their country just as nobody should refuse to play for them.

“Steven Gerrard has been a wonderful servant to Liverpool football club and for England. We remember the Germany performance, the 5-1, and he has drove our midfield ever since he came into the side at the 2000 European Championship.

“But, for me now, I think he needs to look at himself and say perhaps he wants to extend his club career and retire from the England national scene.”

Stan is being kind and not wanting to say Gerrard made a crucial mistake but Gerrard is not the one to blame for me, Hodgson should have taken him off before that.

A complete lack of planning or the wrong plan to start with. That substitution should have been worked out prior to the game, leaving two other options depending upon who was feeling the conditions, who was playing badly or a change of tactics.

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