Confirmed - Spurs to keep Lamela

There is no chance of Érik Lamela leaving White Hart Lane in any capacity during the summer transfer window.

Spurs to keep Lamela

As expected when it was made know Tottenham had sent Érik Lamela back to Argentina to train, there is no chance of him leaving Tottenham. The arrival of fellow countryman Mauricio Pochettino only strengthens Tottenham's position.

If you are going to let a player go, you do not send a medical expert with a training program to Argentina, taking a player with him to train at his old club, ahead of pre-season training. That one act alone told everyone he was staying, everyone that is except the Italian press who have continued to run stories to try to unsettle him.

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Now though they have had to admit defeat after Inter Milan sporting director Piero Ausilio made it plain to La Gazzetta dello Sport that there is no chance Tottenham will let Lamela go.

"Lamela is a dream that has no chance of becoming true because Tottenham don't want to put him on the market, just like we did when someone came to ask about Kovacic, who is absolutely not for sale.”

After an injury ravaged first season Lamela has expressed his desire to prove Spurs were right to buy him and he has impressed the club with his training back home in Argentina.

Spurs to keep Lamela

The picture above is one he posted on Twitter while telling Spurs fans he was keen for the season to start.

"I'm really looking forward to this season, come on you spurs!!"

Going back home to see his family has been helpful for the 22 year-old as a recuperation exercise and to clear his mind from the troubles of last season. He has a fellow Argentinian as his new Head Coach and won't feel so isolated which can only help his performances.

With a pre pre-season and a pre-season under his belt he will look to hit the ground running in Pochettino's high intensity pressing game. A player with his skill could really excel in that system.

Four years younger than Adam Lallana are starting from a higher base skill level, he could well double his value in one season.

He has the opportunity now to stand out at Tottenham and stand out in the Premier League, it's up to him to take that chance.

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