Assou-Ekotto explains headbutt

Benoit Assou-Ekotto was seen headbutting teammate Benjamin Moukandjo after Cameroon's 4-0 drubbing against Croatia in Manaus on Wednesday.

Assou-Ekotto explains headbutt

The Tottenham left-back, on loan at QPR last season after a fall-out with Andre Villas-Boas, was angry during injury time and had an altercation with his teammate before putting his head into his face.

Still angry the fracas was set to continue in the tunnel but Samuel Eto'o stepped in between them to cool the situation and keep them from starting again. Assou-Ekotto has now explained the reason behind their exchange and it is much as expected.

"It all started with the first match against Mexico. Moukandjo was on my flank, he tried to dribble past two opponents and lost the ball.

"I told him he should pass it to me. He replied I was right. The same situation happened against Croatia again. Everyone can make a mistake. But when I told him again, he replied: 'Get off my back!'

"I could not accept his reaction. There was so much frustration in that match."

In the first game against Mexico which Cameroon lost 1-0, although with a half decent linesman 3-0, the UK commentators were clearly pointing out that Assou-Ekotto was shouting at Moukandjo who was leaving him stranded.

The midfielder was not dropping back to do his defensive duties leaving Assou-Ekotto to handle sometimes two players on his own. Benny was clearly not happy with Moukandjo's performance in that game and it didn't improve in the next game either.

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There have been too many glory hunters in this World Cup, we saw it again with Ghana last night. When a player should pass a ball for a teammate to have an easy goal he tries to beat men and have a shot himself. Players who play for themselves and not the team in this manner are a liability, unless they have the ability of a Ronaldo, Messi or Bale.

The 25 year-old Benjamin Moukandjo does not possess that ability you'll be surprised to hear.

"Now people take me for an idiot. I could not control my temper. If the score was 0-0, it would have not happened.

"When we went back to the changing-room, Samuel Eto'o talked to me, but I was so angry that I didn't admit I was wrong.

"The next day, we met with Moukandjo again during breakfast and we shook hands.

"That kind of thing can happen when a team doesn't work right. I didn't think. Millions of people were watching at the match, and a lot of kids."

Yes I'm afraid the red mist came down Benny, I can understand your reaction though. Samuel Et0'o will now be seeking employment with a UN peace keeping force. Clearly he has some diplomacy skills.

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