Wenger response to Sherwood sacking

Arsene Wenger was asked at a press conference his views on Tottenham sacking Tim Sherwood after just 5 months.

Wenger response to Sherwood sacking

“Tottenham manager or any other manager, it’s always sad when somebody loses his job. The only thing that looks a bit worrying is that the rotation, the speed of the rotation level in the Premier League gets quicker and quicker and that's not a good sign for the Premier League."

The turn around of managers does seem to be speeding up which mirrors society. We live in a world now where everybody wants everything now. Society buys on credit, it doesn't want to save for anything so is it surprising that that now extends into business and football.

Chairmen now are not football people, some want results straight away, some are in it for their ego, some as a hobby, some as a business. Money buys success, it never used to but it does now, without it you have little chance.

Developing your own players has never been so important and to that end continuity again is the key as Wenger points out.

“I believe technical stability is important for the quality of the game.”

He is right. A club has to have a method of playing right the way through the academy so players can slot into higher age groups without difficulty knowing exactly what their role is within that system.

All players should learn every position and all players at any level should have an individual improvement program.

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You can't achieve that if you are constantly changing your manager and coaching staff, all staff have different ways of doing things. We have now lost the best Head of Player Development we have ever had plus two coaches in Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey.

Steffen Freund is still with us, he has seen a few ups and down since he joined us as a coach. He joined in the summer of 2012 as Assistant Head Coach to Andre Villas-Boas and was really looking forward to it.

"My role here is to work for Andre and the first team, but still I like to see the youth teams, to know what’s going on. We’re all together at the Academy and I can’t wait for that. It was an exciting day, not easy for me, a little nervous, but I have more experience now and I think I can handle it."
"Don’t even ask me! That will be a special day again [stepping out at White Hart Lane]. That was my living room, from 1999 to 2003.

"I can’t say we will improve straight away in the table and that’s not my job at the moment, that’s up to Andre and Daniel to think about what is possible, but I can help because I know the club.

"That was my dream when I started my B License five, six years ago. Now is the day to come back and I can’t wait."

After a season it went pear shaped after a defeat to Arsenal at The Emirates, a game Freund and us supporter felt was there to win. He had a bust-up with AVB over tactics and was promptly banned to the back with the subs, no longer involved in discussions during each game.

Along comes Tim Sherwood and there are two new coaches in Ramsey and Ferdinand. He is back at the front of the bench but at the end taking notes, clearly not in the role of Assistant Head Coach, he however seems to be remaining at White Hart Lane.

One has to wonder what is going on, what are Daniel Levy's plans for him. I said before I could see him running the academy and I still could depending upon which one of our targets comes through the door, Frank de Boer, Mauricio Pochettino or Rafa Benitez.

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