Tottenham want a quick manager appointment

Frank de Boer has been asked to clarify his position over the stories linking him with the not yet vacant Tottenham job and Spurs strong denial of any approach to any club.

Tottenham want a quick appointment

Quite frankly this is naive on the part of the media. Have they no idea of employment law? What is all the fuss about, two people had a chat on the phone. No Spurs have made no approach to any club, they have had chats with agents and an employee of Ajax. Franco Baldini must be receiving and making tons of phone calls a week, every one is not an approach.

A phone call is reported as an official approach, which it can't be as an official approach has to be in writing. There has to be a record of everything so everything is seen to be done within the law. The paperwork serves as a smokescreen for what really happens.

One club, perhaps a technical director phones another club, perhaps a director of football and let's them know their manager is on a list of candidates they have and will there be any issue about talking to them when the time is legally right. When the time is right, in other words when their is an employment vacancy an official approach will be made.

In this case Marc Overmars has naturally told Ajax and Frank de Boer. The waters have been tested to ensure it's a viable option. If it is he goes on a shortlist, if not he doesn't, thus when Tim Sherwood departs Spurs have a shortlist and can look to make a quick appointment.

That is essential to maximise the transfer window. Sales and purchases will naturally have to be discussed with the new Head Coach and the players will know what is going on so can make decisions about their future.

In an interview with (Algemeen Dagblad) Frank de Boer was asked if he regretted making the Spurs contact public.

No. Why? I was interviewed by the NOS and I gave an honest answer. There had been plenty of rumours about the interest from Tottenham. I thought about it for a few seconds but I decided to talk openly.

Websites and papers are still talking about an offer, but a phone call to sound out the waters has been made that is all. Nothing wrong with admitting that, it happens at every football club for every transfer and every manager change.

Of course there will be plenty of Spurs fans who now won't want Frank de Boer as the next manager, they hate a manager who talks honestly, they slate Tim Sherwood for it all the time, unless of course they have double standards. This website while being against the appointment has applauded Sherwood for answering reporters questions with honesty so Frank de Boer will be most welcome.

Franco Baldini was asked to draw up a shortlist after Tim Sherwood was told he would not be retained beyond the end of the season. You could argue that shouldn't happen but this is the real world, it happens all the time.

The press have certainly got their monies worth, they have managed to string out a story about one phone call rather well. We spoke to him in December so he knows the situation at Tottenham and he is interested, now he has won a fourth straight title and set his own piece of history the timing of our interest is better suited to his situation.

It's a question of counting down the days until we can make an approach. When you look round for potential candidates he looks way clear of anyone else, we should go all out to get him and return some Dutch philosophy to White Hart Lane.

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