Tottenham drag themselves through the mud again

The disgraceful behavour towards Tim Sherwood continues thanks this time to the official twitter account. Whoever is responsible for putting up the content should be immediately suspended pending a disciplinary hearing but this being Spurs nothing will happen.

We were led to believe a security breach was responsible for the first, the second gaffe can only be by the individual responsible. A video of Sherwood was put up and a URL shortening service used. The new shorter URL, which can be customised, '' when read says sack me.

Tottenham drag themselves through the mud again

I don't care what your views on Sherwood are, that is simply unacceptable. Tottenham are currently dragging themselves through the mud and Sherwood must be inwardly seething at his treatment.

There is certainly far more to his situation at Spurs than meets the eye. Should he have been told at the outset that he was only an interim boss, yes he should, was he told, we don't know.

Giving him an 18 month contract stopped the initial interim boss talk but it now ties the clubs hands. In one season the club from a position of strength has been torn apart. Clearly internally everyone is not doing what is best for Tottenham as the individual responsible for the Twitter account content has proved.

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I look forward now to Sherwood's press conferences because he is effectively free to say what he wants, to not give bland nothing replies to questions but answer with the blunt truth.

"This is a big club.

"Any manager who comes in here, or any players who ever play for Tottenham, should never be thinking they've outgrown this football club - too many do.

"They think they're doing us a favour by being Tottenham players which is a real problem.

"My situation is you have got players talking about me not being here next season.

"That's how difficult the situation is to keep the players in line.

"It's natural. If they knew I was here for five years or three years, or certainly for next year, then they wouldn't be saying that, would they?"

As a Spurs fan I'd like to know which players are wasters, it's just a pity that names are not given so we do know, as it is we can only guess with their appearances on the field as quotes they give to the press.

Historically, Carrick, Berbatov, Modric and Bale spring to mind while currently Vertonghen has spoken for himself, as did Paulinho through their performances while Capoue thought the English don't understand foreigners and he should be an automatic choice.

Who is on the list of players the club should get rid of that Tim Sherwood has handed Daniel Levy, that would be good to know.

Paulinho certainly seems to be trying to move on to Chelsea, Vertonghen clearly wants to go, Lloris, professional to the last, wants Champions League football, Kaboul has only ever had one good season at Spurs, Chiriches simply isn't good enough, nor is Rose or Naughton, Sigurdsson hasn't delivered anything to suggest he should be retained.

I recall the statement from Daniel Levy though that said we would only be improving in key areas, aren't they all key areas?

Our left side has been a defensive liability for 2 years, our right can attack and defend, our left can only attack so it ships goals, I'd call that a key area.

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