The Harry Kane Dilemma

Crystal palace are said to be interested in signing Harry Kane for £5 million after his end of season exploits. For palace it would be the ideal time to buy with Kane showing potential in the second leg against Benfica changing the game when he came on and banging 3 goals in the Premier League.

The Harry Kane Dilemma

His first goal will have settled him, following it up with two more shows he can play at this level. Kane is just starting out in his Premier League career, he is not the finished article, he will get better so for Palace to buy him before he becomes expensive and wants bigger wages makes sense.

Naturally the press look at an old boss and  sides that play with a target man to introduce them into and create future stories, thus Stoke City and QPR have been mentioned.

The whole point of the academy is to produce Premier League footballers. The cream of the crop we keep the rest we sell which funds the academy. It's the same formula at Barcelona for instance. A club can not keep every player so now Tottenham have to assess Harry Kane and make a decision.

Do you sell now for around £5 million or do you improve him further and charge more next summer or is he is a player with potential to keep. Strikers are worth their weight in gold, they decide if you win or not, they decide if you win trophies or not.

Jake Livermore looks set to be sold for £6 million in the summer, he has had an excellent season at Hull City alongside another old boy Tom Huddlestone and they now have an FA Cup Final to play against Arsenal. Livermore was the subject of Spurs fans moaning that he wasn't good enough and if some of them were in charge he would have been sold for £1-2m.

Harry Kane at £5 million now could be a £10 million striker next summer depending upon how many games he gets and how much he improves. The clubs always vote not to change the loan system, the Premier League want to stop loans between Premier League clubs in favour of abroad or a lower league, something I'm totally in favour of and have written about.

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Currently the loan system allows clubs with money to stockpile players, take the Chelsea goalkeeper at Athletico Madrid, Thibaut Courtois. He joined Chelsea on 26th June 2011, 2 years and 9 months ago. He was loaned out to Athletico Madrid and has been on loan there ever since, he has never played a single game for Chelsea. That's wrong, it's not what the system is intended for and needs to be stopped.

We are in the era of the lone striker. Traditionally in a 4-4-2 system clubs would have 4 strikers but with a lone striker they only now need 3, with perhaps a youngster if required. Does Harry Kane fill the role of third striker next season or the youngster you give game time to in cups and the Europa League assuming we qualify.

He is at the stage where he needs to be playing now to continue his improvement. He has shown signs that he is worth hanging on to so I'd probably keep him at the club for another year myself and reassess the situation then.

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