Striker rumours lack credibility

As far as the press are concerned we are hunting and trying to buy players, strikers being on the agenda today.

Striker rumours lack credibilityOne assumed the only reason the press come up with these stories when they don't even know who our manager will be next season is to sell newspapers. As has been pointed out by Tim Sherwood, the manager has the last say on transfers at Tottenham.

Unless Daniel Levy knows who his next manager is, what formation he is going to play and which players he is interested in then being linked with players is pretty meaningless.

Does the new manager for instance want a target man in the Adebayor style, someone like Leandro Damiao perhaps or does he want a nippy goalscorer in the Jermain Defoe mould?

Will he play 4-4-2, will he play a lone striker or a 4-3-3. Does he need goalscoring wide attackers or more traditional wingers? Tim Sherwood suggested a buy proven Premier League approach but it's unlikely he will be boss so that may not even be our policy.

Unless you know you can't buy anybody so suggesting we are head of the queue for anyone is absurd, suggesting we are looking to put in a bid is absurd. If Daniel Levy knows Frank de Boer is the next manager and if he has already discussed targets with him then fair enough but if not then these stories are simply not believable.

In the last few days we have been linked with 30 year-old Brazilian Fred, also wanted by Manchester City it's claimed. He is too old for Spurs and we wouldn't be able to compete on wages so that story has nothing going for it.

Loic Remy is another constantly linked. He doesn't want to stay at Newcastle where he is on loan from QPR who can't afford his wages. At 27 he is a bit old when you consider Adebayor is 30 and Roberto Soldado will be impossible to sell at 28.

Striker rumours lack credibility

A proven Premier League scorer he will want in excess of £75,000 a week. I just don't see Spurs paying those sort of wages for Adebayor, Soldado and Remy, if we did we would have to save in other areas of the team.

Adam Lallana is constantly linked with all the top clubs including ourselves with the latest stories saying the 26 year-old Englishman has agreed a £20 million move to Liverpool.

His Southampton teammate Jay Rodriguez has once again been linked with us but he has a ruptured anterior cruciate knee ligament and will be out for 6 months. Stories that we are supposed to be about to bid for him defy logic.

Striker rumours lack credibility

Our current managerial situation and the problems we have had with players returning from injury suggest the story is pure invention. Both Kaboul and Sandro have struggled this season while Lamela seems to be permanently injured.

To sign a player you take out insurance against injury so a club is compensated if the player has a career ending injury. What would the insurance premium be on an already injured player when complications could mean his career would be over or he could end up like Ledley King? The story is poorly thought out.

Next on the reporters conveyer belt of gossip is German U21 international Pierre-Michel Lasogga currently plying his trade with Hertha Berlin. German daily newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost suggest we have joined Newcastle as interested parties having asked about his availability.

Striker rumours lack credibility

That will be one of those phone calls we have supposedly not made to Ajax. The striker has been on loan at Hamburg scoring 13 goals in 20 games with just 1 assist. The 6'2" forward plays centrally so with Harry Kane emerging towards the end of the season and scoring you have to question the logic of this transfer rumour as well.

Spurs strikers struggle to score goals so buy another unproven youngster who isn't going to play ahead of Adebayor or probably Soldado so what would be the point in buying him. It's the one area where we need and have been looking for proven top quality goalscorers. This guy simply doesn't fit the criteria and why buy a Harry Kane replacement?

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