Spurs still want Van Gaal

The future of Louis Van Gaal is overtaking the preparations of the Holland squad for the World Cup, just the scenario the Dutch wanted to avoid.

Spurs still want Van Gaal

At a press conference it was where The Holland boss would he be next rather than how are Holland going to do in Brazil.

"I'm here as Dutch national team coach, not the future Manchester United coach.

"You must wait until the process is complete. If you want to know more, then you must put questions to Manchester United, or perhaps to another club.
"I cannot say anything further about it."

Why mention another club which can only be Tottenham given his stated desire to come to the Premier League. Has Daniel Levy contacted him or is he trying to throw reporters off the trail.

"I said a few words last week about Manchester United because there were uninvited English journalists here and I thought it would be a little mean spirited if I did not answer a few of their questions.

"I mumbled a few words to them and, from that, they write 60 full pages. But you can't do anything about it."

The Dutchman was asked if he would be flying into Manchester tomorrow to sign a deal with Manchester United.

"Ask Manchester, I don't know. Now there will be press sitting outside my house tomorrow to see what I'm doing."

It had been thought that he had already agreed a deal with Manchester United, is that now in doubt?

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