Spurs players get mystery injuries

The refreshing honesty with which Tim Sherwood informs the fans of the laziness and unprofessional attitude our overpaid flops have is like a ray of sunshine.

Spurs players get mystery illness

It has been patently obvious to me for most of the season that our players simply do not have the right mental attitude, simply put they are not winners. They are shallow players doing us a favour by allowing us to give them exorbitant wages for doing as little as possible.

I for one am delighted to hear Tim Sherwood telling us straight and not lying through his teeth and some supporters would rather have him do.

"It’s tough but I like to show my hand, I tell him on a Thursday and I don’t speak to him in detail. I don’t dress it up. If I leave him out, I leave him out.

"Sometimes you find – not all the time – the players who are not involved in the starting XI are suddenly injured on Friday and don’t want to train. That is the worst way of showing your character. I want the ones who show passion even though they’ve been dropped.

"Saying that, I never liked being dropped and I did sulk a bit – but after all I am a human being.”

Personally I would like to have heard which players have had the mystery Friday injury. Unlikely to be Sandro!

Mind you there are some who seem to have had a mystery illness all season, an aversion to hard work.

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