Sneijder, Soldado, Balic, Ranocchia, Taarabt, Behrami

Lots of little pieces of news this morning and as one who has had a Twitter account hacked before it is no surprise that someone has hacked the Tottenham official account to send a tweet.

What is surprising is that it appears to be a Spurs fan who is clearly an idiot. Did he or she seriously not expect the tweet to be an embarrassment to Spurs? The club have now had to apologise to Liverpool and instigate a complete investigation.

Clearly they don't think before they act and are one of these people whose defence is it's just a prank. I seem to remember a nurse killing herself because of a prank that was supposed to be funny.

“Brutal but very funny. The biggest capitulation since Newcastle in the 90s.”

What of the person who is responsible for running the official twitter account, he is in an embarrassing position, there will be people who suspect it is them and will never be convinced otherwise unless someone is caught. Will they have been accused of something they didn't do and the distress that goes with it?

Has this damaged their future chances of promotion? We'll never know but such things do in the world of big business. Let's hope the perpetrator is tracked down.

Sneijder, Soldado, Balic, Ranocchia, Taarabt, BehramiAthletico Madrid want Roberto Soldado and will naturally think they can get him on the cheap. Daniel Levy if he decides to sell would obviously want close to the £26 million he paid them. After a bad season he looks unsaleable at anything close to the fee we paid so doubtful he would be going anywhere.

With two clubs having played each other it is often the case that a player gets linked for a move, this time it's a former Hammer and the player in question is one we don't want or need, Valon Behrami. Apparently TalkSPORT consider him to be a star, why is every football player considered and or referred to as a star, they aren't?

The 29 year-old Napoli midfielder is too old and we have an abundance of midfielders already. We don't know who the manager is going to be so purchases are a non-starter and this guy is primarily a defensive midfielder. We have Sandro, Etienne Capoue and Nabil Bentaleb, we won't be needing a fourth, especially at £10 million. On a scale of 1 to 10 the story rates a 0 possibility.

Once again we have been linked with Adel Taarabt who is a proven failure in the Premier League. A player only interested in himself and one that QPR had to appoint two players to do his defensive duties for him is hardly what Spurs need. This laughable story suggests as AC Milan are going to ask QPR to lower their valuation that Spurs must be in pole position. No thanks, another midfielder we don't want or need.

Sneijder, Soldado, Balic, Ranocchia, Taarabt, BehramiDutch playmaker Wesley Sneijder who went to Galatasaray for big wages is naturally being linked with us on the proviso that Frank de Boer joins us say Football Direct News. Those three words tell you all you need to know about the story really.

Quite comical, we could sign a Dutch manager therefore we could sign a Dutch playmaker is the total extent of the story.

Tottenham have gone back to Hajduk Split for another youngster, 16 year-old Andrija Balic say the Daily Mail. It won't be long before someone describes him as a wonderkid but the Mail go for talented on this occasion.

The claim is Franco Baldini is negotiating with the Croatians for the young defensive midfielder they rate at £4.5 million, our valuation is a more realistic £1.8 million. Ajax bid £500,000 for him while Borussia Dortmund and Marseilles are also interested.

A week can't go by without being linked to a new defender so this weeks pick out of the hat is an Italian international centre-back at Inter Milan, Andrea Ranocchia.

Chelsea and Manchester United have also been linked with the 26 year-old as he stalls on a new contract.

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