Sky Sports confirm Pochettino contract talks

Sky Sports have confirmed the story I reported yesterday, that Tottenham are discussing the finer details of a contract for Mauricio Pochettino, whose agent is none other than Jonathan Barnett.

Sky Sports confirm Pochettino contract talks

Jonathan Barnett is well known to Spurs fans being the agent of Gareth Bale.

The Argentinian is the choice of owner Joe Lewis, quite how much our owner knows about football I don't know, but he knows about business and making top level appointments. This feels more like making a major company appointment rather than appointing the best football manager for the job.

Daniel Levy has spoken recently to the Tottenham Hostspur Supporters Trust confirming to them that it is important any manager fits the Tottenham ethos and produces teams that play entertaining football. Pochettino can produce entertainment but can he produce success as well? He doesn't have any track record of doing so and his Premier League win ratio is less than 39% and in Spain 33%. Hardly sets the pulses racing.

Frank de Boer, who thought he was coming to Tottenham, has now had to backtrack knowing Spurs are negotiating with Pochettino so announced yesterday that he would be happy to stay at Ajax, keep the team together and try to push on in Europe. Excellent PR for their fans if he remains there.

Should talks with Pochettino break down, and that doesn't seem likely, then his interest would be sparked again and you'd hear him say he has never ruled out moving to Tottenham, which of course he hasn't. All he has said is that he'd be happy to stay at Ajax not that he is staying.

But it's Pochettino in the driving seat as Daniel Levy seeks to make a swift appointment. The 42 year old is not the choice of the fans who vote 2-1 for Frank de Boer but he'll get our support even if we don't think he is what we need.

He feels like Andre Villas-Boas without trophies, by that I mean a young relatively inexperienced coach with ideas taking a step up in his managerial career. You could argue the same about Frank de Boer but he has stature and a winning record as both a player and a coach.

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Pochettino will have to  deal with international squad of players on higher wages that contain some temperamental characters so how he deals with keeping internationals happy sitting on a bench is unknown.

AVB couldn't handle it at two clubs, he hit a managerial ceiling, will Pochettino be of the same ilk?

It's not yet known whether the deal for Pochettino will be concluded and signed or whether Daniel Levy will get an agreement in place and then hold the same discussions with De Boer or Benitez, if indeed Benitez even wants to come to Spurs which personally I doubt. We will find out next week when De Boer is back from the Ajax post season tour.

If it is to be Pochettino let's hope he is better than the feelings his appointment genders. Frank de Boer inspires supporters to say yes and be excited for the future, Pochettino inspires nothing more than an OK he's the man is he, fair enough, I'll get back to my book.

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