Sherwwod - It was a wrench to leave

Tim Sherwood won't be short of job offers. He has proven himself with youth, has contacts within the game, is a winner and demands 100%.

Sherwwod - It was a wrench to leave

Any club that wants to improve will do well to appoint him and there are several likely candidates around in these time of almost monthly sackings. Brighton, Norwich and WBA are just three candidates mentioned, of those Norwich could be a good fit although Sherwood may want to stay in the Premier League.

Anyone who has ever left a job they enjoy that has been in it for a while will know it hurts to leave and it was no different for Sherwood.

"It is obviously a massive wrench to leave a club of the stature of Tottenham Hotspur, a club very close to my heart."

Genuine words from Sherwood that show up the mindless minority who have a hatred because he supports Arsenal. Do these idiots think that everyone else in football supports the club they are working for?

You do the best for the club you are at and Tim Sherwood certainly gave his best for Tottenham transforming an academy that didn't produce anybody since Ledley King. He grabbed hold of it and transformed the way Tottenham finish players, the aspect that was missing.

Youngsters now go out on far more loans to get first team experience against men instead of playing non contact football against boys. That prepares them for the real world, it makes them grow up, being away from the comfort of home and having to stand on their own two feet.

Tim Sherwood has left his positive mark on Tottenham and we are seeing the benefits of his work with Premier League standard players being produced.

Good luck Tim whichever club is fortunate enough to get you.

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