Rose causes Kaboul red card

Tottenham were easily beaten by West Ham for the third time this season with their route one football a handful for us.

Andy Carroll won virtually everything in the air and every time West Ham got the ball they aimed a long ball or a cross at him. The result was Spurs were at sixes and sevens.

Rose causes Kaboul red card What didn't help matter was Danny Rose being half asleep again and Gylfi Sigurdsson playing in midfield. You only have to look at Sigurdsson's reaction when he is tackled, he sits on the floor moaning at the ref while the opposition play on, he then has to get up and try to get back behind the ball. Sitting there moaning at a ref simply shows you are not good enough and you want someone to blame for your own weakness.

The selection of him was wrong, he was not what we needed against a team like West Ham. Several times in the first half he did not anticipate and simply reacted to what was happening which immediately gave the advantage to the West Ham midfield who were anticipating. Central midfield is a crucial area so when you give up control of it you will always struggle.

Then we have Danny Rose another who simply doesn't anticipate. If you watch the build up to the red card it takes Rose an age to react to a ricochet passing the initiative to Stewart Downing. Downing ran at our defence and Kaboul bundled him over getting himself sent off in the process, that was all down to Rose being asleep. Thankfully Hugo Lloris was having another masterful day between the sticks and palmed away a Carroll belter direct from the free kick.

From the corner West Ham score, Carroll's header of course bonces off Kane's head and Sigurdsson on the line tries to put his foot up to somewhere near shoulder level instead of throwing his head at the ball. Pathetic defending on the line. 1-0 down with 10 men all because Danny Rose was asleep and slow to react.

With ten men and West Ham all over us that was game over. But just to make sure Paulinho and Adebayor gift wrapped a second goal for the Hammers. A free kick taken straight at the centre of the wall waist height and the pair simply turned their backs to let the ball through and give Lloris no chance. School boy football.

We got exactly hat we deserved from the game, absolutely nothing.

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