Redknapp - Baldini, Levy & Co to blame

Harry Redknapp has been asked about Tim Sherwood's sacking as you would expect and answered, which will of course upset a certain element of our supporters.

Baldini, Levy & Co to blame

What he had to say was of course right, whoever signed these players, and the Head Coach has the last say, have taken Tottenham backwards. If they don't improve next season Spurs have to start rebuilding all over again.

"The real culprits of Tottenham's failings last season are not Tim, Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey.

"It is whoever decided to spend or recommend spending £111m on a load of bang average players. Every single one of those deals should be scrutinised in great detail.

"There's probably a little clique of about four or five people there sorting out all the deals and haven't they done well? There should be an investigation to find out on whose say-so those deals were done, whose judgment was it to bring in a bunch of players who have not taken the team on.

"This is a sad day for Tottenham and a sad day for English football."
Of course what Redknapp doesn't mention is that his friend, Tim Sherwood, was a part of that 'clique of about four or five people' who made the decisions.

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Being a former manager he knows how Tottenham works, he knows how they buy players, who makes the decisions so rather than just dismiss his words as Harry talking to the press, we should listen and take note.

Former Spurs winger Darren Anderton was asked his views on Sherwood's departure by Sky Sports and felt Spurs were waiting for a top manager so inserted a clause to release Sherwood at the end of the season.

"They gave him 18 months and there was a break clause and maybe this was the way [Levy] thought it would go. There was a World Cup coming up and the top managers were still involved in the Champions League.

"If Tim had got them into the top four then maybe he would have kept his job. Who knows? The team got into the Champions League two years ago under Harry Redknapp and once you're in it then you want it every year and that has to be the aim.”

Gary Lineker is in agreement with Harry Redknapp feeling that Daniel Levy has a lot to answer for. He tweeted on May 13th:

"Tim Sherwood has been sacked by Spurs. He's opinionated, bombastic and refreshingly different. Hope to see him in charge of a PL club soon.

"It's always those that run the team, never those that run the club that are to blame!"

And previously on May 9th he tweeted:

"I think Tottenham's treatment of Tim Sherwood has been shabby in the extreme!"

It's about time Tottenham started acting with a bit more quality if they want to be a quality club, at the moment those two words don't go together and that is not good for brand image and revenue generation.

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