Pochettino red hot favourite to be appointed this week

Tottenham are expecting to appoint a new Head Coach next week with fans number one choice Frank de Boer the Tottenham boards second choice.

Pochettino red hot favourite to be appointed this week

Mauricio Pochettino is the man Joe Lewis wants with Frank de Boer the back up option. Both have been interviewed, both want to come to The Lane and the board is split between the two but it is Pochettino who will be offered the role.

There is more to Pochettino than meets the eye as you'll see if you take a read of the following article written just a few days ago. 

What Spurs could expect from Pochettino

It is not thought that Carlo Ancelotti will be available. He is the only proven top quality manager possibly available and considered in light of Louis Van Gaal going to Manchester United. Enquiries will be made to clarify his position and should Spurs receive indications that he is staying at Real Madrid then Daniel Levy is expected to offer 42 year-old Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino his opportunity.

Players like Jan Vertonghen are aware it's a two horse race with Ancelloti entering if he becomes available and has voiced his approval by announcing he'll be staying at Spurs whoever is appointed.

Tottenham have once again gone for an up and coming manager with potential, a route that has really been forced upon them with no experienced top quality options available. It's a gamble again as it was with Andre Villas-Boas but their characters are different.

The background checks Spurs have done in Argentina reveal Pochettino to be a nice guy who knows his football. By that I mean someone at the other end of the scale than a thug, and I think we can all name a few of those playing the game.

They discovered he is tactically astute and innovative. He is highly regarded in Spain whereoutside the big two, whoever finishes best gets TV revenue that equates to finishing bottom of the Premier League. Thus if clubs achieve anything in Spain it is more down to managerial ability than money so results have to be looked at with that in mind. Pochettino was considered for the job at Real Madrid before it was given to Carlo Ancelloti so will be keeping an eye on his progress.

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At Espanyol they moved into a new stadium that simply drained their resources so they had to sell any decent players just to survive when the European Union insisted clubs in Spain had to pay tax and bank loans back. Any clubs that has to sell it's players every transfer window is going to struggle.

Pochettino was constantly left with youth players and short-term loanees to try and cobble a team together. Espanyol fans will tell you he worked miracles at the club and don't have a bad word to say about him, Saints fans it seems feel the same way.

Clearly there is more to Pochettino if you dig, he may well be a far better coach than Spurs fans have given him credit for, myself included.

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