Overmars - Spurs have spoken to me

With speculation surrounding did Spurs or didn't Spurs contact Ajax and quotes flying around in claim and counter claim, it's all become a bit silly when in fact it is all very simple.

Overmars - Spurs have spoken to me

Tottenham can not approach Ajax while Tim Sherwood is in a job, well not officially. They can not be seen to have approached a club, officially.

But this is football and people talk and clubs line things up for when they can do something. There is absolutely no doubt Tottenham have spoken to Marc Overmars the Director of Football at Ajax.

Tottenham phoned Overmars within the last month to give Ajax advanced warning that they want to speak to De Boer so Ajax will be ready for an official approach when it comes but also to start their search for a successor should De Boer decide to leave.

Marc Overmars himself has confirmed Spurs have spoken to him.

"Spurs have informally enquired about De Boer and confirmed he’s one of their candidates."
Frank de Boer is clearly very interested in the potential opportunity at Tottenham with both he and his brother talking up the club. While recently revealing the informal approach to Overmars Frank de Boer said:

"I see a perspective at Tottenham Hotspur, just as Liverpool and Newcastle United sometimes are, they are sleeping giants."
Liverpool have awoken, it's time for De Boer to awaken Tottenham Hotspur.

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